Zoning Or No Zoning I Can Become Nigeria’s President – Donald Duke


*Advises President Buhari To Improve Nigeria’s Economic Situations

Presidential aspirant, Donald Duke says he’s not worried with the zoning system in Nigeria but particularly eager to become the nation’s President in 2019 elections.

It will be recall that since civilian rule was restored in 1999, Nigeria has rotated the presidency between Muslims and Christians in a process called ‘zoning’, something the former Cross River State Governor believes he can byepass and still achieve his presidential ambitions.

“Zoning is not a constitutional issue,” he told RFI. “I see it as political mischief. If you want to achieve a particular end, it’s really like divide and rule. Folks who harp on about zoning are just trying to push the candidature that will suit them.

“If you grow the economy, if you create jobs, nobody cares where the president is coming from.”

Meanwhile, Duke advised President Muhammadu Buhari to find a lasting solution to the nation’s economy situations by way of providing a bette livelihood for an ordinary Nigerians.

“Someone has to get it right,” he insisted. “Someone has to change the trajectory that Nigeria is currently on. Otherwise we are fast becoming a failed state. We need to pull ourselves back from the brink.

“We are 200 million people. In another 30 years, we’ll be 400 million, the third most populous nation on earth. We have to get our act together or we will become a major global problem.”

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