YEHE : The Forgotten Political Giant By Adoga Stephen


Yehe is a community in the Western part of Yala local government of cross river state. The community constitutes one of the highest voting strengths in the entire Yala and regarded as a business hub of the region; the entire LG. Yehe community has been a hospitable abode for foreigners such as Igbo’s, Hausa’s, Yoruba’s, etc for many years. It is a place of peace with a set of lovely people who are absolute respecters of the constitution. The community has a traditional institution headed by the clan head who is addressed as “Ogamode” and supported by elders-in- council.

Yehe community is in the middle of Yala LGA bounded by Ebo, Ijiraga, Ukelle North and South. It has one of the biggest hospitals(Lutheran) in the entire LGA which serves as a point of medical reach to neighboring communities, even up to Ebony State but has been unfortunately abandoned and functioning below capacity. The hospital lacks major equipment to carter for efficient healthcare services. Syringes are even difficult. In whole the place is just a structure.

Yehe has some of the most intelligent and schooled set of people in the entire Yala doing well in their respective areas of assignments.

The economy of this community spreads through the production of food crops such as rice, yam, cassava etc in subsistent and commercial quantities. They are usually involve in trading.

“Ina” is a weekly market day which comes every five days(yala traditional calendar) and this market which was in the earliest days referred to as a modern market has become a shadow of itself. This is a market place which use to play host to traders from both north and south as they used to coming with lorries/vehicles to purchase commodities such as akpu, garri and firewood, palm oil, palm kernel etc. Our farmers now find it hard to sell their farm produce due to low patronage occasioned by bad road networks within and outside the community.

Oeyi Onwu secondary grammar school is one school that has got many talking as to why it should be left so undeveloped. This same school has produced reputable fellows from all works of human endeavour as it is with some reputable schools in Yala LGA.

Yehe community is left behind in the scheme of things in the entire Yala because they is no voice that speaks on her behalf.

The political strength of this community has produced govs, national and state assembly members, LG chairs etc who only remember their constituents when elections are close. They come in convoy to make promises which are often forgotten the moment they assume office. Indeed, their promises are all fake.

If Yehe community is developed today, it will serve as an economic hub for all the neighboring community to tap and exploit but this community filled with milk and honey has fallen behind human, material and infrastructural development due to negligence on the part of the government.

We know its time for them to come, as usual, with high promises just to win the vote of their ‘gullible’ constituents. The informed youths are ready to resist and unseat any politician who comes with such corrupt intends just to win votes.

The community is now at the forefront to welcome between the good but wrestle the bad and the ugly. The time is far gone when the community would wait for the ‘mighty’ to decide their fate, they have chosen to take their destinies in their hands.

We have lagged in the scheme of things in the whole of Yala, we are never given due recognition; maybe because we exhibit lethargy in setting the agenda straight during electioneering campaigns. It is totally unacceptable that a community with a voting strength to determine the victory of any candidate to be left at squat lane waiting to feed from the crumbs that fall from the table.

Where have we got it wrong? The community has people in all strata of human existence. They is no reason why Yehe would not be among the power brokers and policy makers in Yala LGA and in Cross River as a whole. We have chosen to live above board, reject intimidation and wanton neglect, for the time to get it right is now. Yehe must be heard, they must contribute meaningfully to the development of the LGA and consequently reap the reward. It is our birth right and the time to get it done is now.

Some few persons who have had access and privilege to the power brokers have in their greed exploited the meagre resources accruing to the community at the detriment of the entire population. They use our collective wealth to feed themselves and family fat, but it will no longer occur this time.

We are best for thuggery, used for perpetrating political violence among ourselves with the promise of compensations after elections are won but at the end no good results. The suffering in the land is alarming, it has reached its peak. The eyes are open, brains are developed to capacity, indeed, the gullible is wise!

How can a community full of intellects be subdued and used as mere campaigners without attendant rewards? Those gimmicks will no longer work but if you think it would it is a lie from the pit of hell.

This piece is one of the many ” to-do-lists ” yet to be brought to limelight.

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