Why Boko Haram Existed In Nigeria – Obasanjo


Former Nigeria’s President, Olusegun Obasanjo has confessed that the establishment of Boko Haram in the Northeast of the country was due to the high level of corruption by some political leaders.

Obasanjo stated this on Sunday
when he spoke in a lecture entitled: ‘Corruption and the
Challenges of the African Child’, to mark the 14th anniversary of Dorcas Oke Hope Alive Initiative (DOHAL) held at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan.

He said that government have a huge role to play in terms of curtailing the activities of corruption in Nigeria If they must eradicate the rise of Boko Haram In the country.

“One of the reasons that members of the extremist group – Boko Haram, gave for their insurrection is that they became
disillusioned when they saw how corrupt that Western educated leaders were.

“According to them, if those who occupied government offices by virtue of their Western education would corruptly enrich themselves and deprive others of the basic things of life, then that education is ‘haram’ which means forbidden.

“I am told that when Mohammed Yusuf, the original leader of Boko Haram and his early followers first started, they all gathered and tore their certificates because they said a certificate,
which could not fetch them a source of livelihood is useless to them. Similarly, they saw Western education as corrupting the individuals.

“We may not agree with their position, but the disappointment and disillusionment of citizens
over the inadequacy or poor performance of their leaders is real.”

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