Unleashed By Maryblaise Destiny Abuo



He welcomed her,
With a warm hug, and a peck on her cheek
Wearing a smile, he Admires her
She became shy and blushed uncontrollably

Slowly feeling the smoothness of her skin dipped in coco butter,
He sniffs the sweet scent of her cologne,
And Struck by his Ignited feelings,
he reached for her lips,
smeared her red lipstick

He unzips her short purple dress,
Causing it to reside on her black sandals heels
Thereby Unveiling her elegant body
triggered ; his passion

Running his fingers through her brunette,
To the slope of her back,
He unhooked her Black bra and found solace on her breast,
His fingers tickled her spine,
her response came in form of a quiver and avid

Mildly raising his face,
Staring into her brown eyes,
Beholding her flawless beauty,
It almost drove him to tears,
She could feel the tension

Rapidly, she popped the buttons of his mulberry shirt,
Revealing his broad chest, she placed her hands on his firm masculine arms,
Receiving signals of different waves of pleasure,
He lead her to the sofa,
adored her with kisses,
pairs of eyes; closed,
Letting out moans
great emotions unleashed.

Maryblaise Destiny Abuo.



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