Two millionaire besties turn enemy overnight hushpuppi and mompha drama goes on…


Both war lords have recently been throwing shades at each other on social media,.. exposing their secrets.
It’s so fun duo.. lols
Now it’s all started after mompha called the gucci Lord out on social media for living a fake life on instagram, how he begs for money and spends it on gucci and luxury items only.
He also went on to revile the status of hush father as a taxi driver..( cabu cabu) .. lol. And his mom as a bread seller.
He also said hushpuppi gat no house, no car, no investment…only begging for money up and down. like seriously…
Also mompha exposed hushpuppi son whom he reportedly abandoned without taking of…
Well some of his fan has been standing by him while some aren’t finding it funny duo.
Well Recently a fan commented.: after deliberating on everything that happened, I can confidently say without fear that mompha was never hush puppi’s friend, hush mistakenly thought he had a friend and a brother in mompha but he never saw him as one too.
Now guess who replied…. Tonto dikeh..
Tonto dikeh replied saying ” God bless you for this”
Well we will keep on watching the drama as they keep entertaining us duo. Yea yea

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