The Truth About The 3Million Given By The Governor To Prince Michael Nku Abuo For Support Groups And Allied Matters


I am Dodeye Omini(Dodex), the Director General of…and converner of the meeting of  concerned support groups of APCO, CRS (See photo 1 of the whatsapp group created) as evidence.

On Saturday the 9th of February,2019 as the converner of the above forum, I called for a meeting of all the concerned and genuine support groups at Calabar Municipality at 1pm and the agenda was to address the issue of promised demobilization of support groups present at the stadium on Friday, 8th February,2019 which wasnt done even after announcement that support group DGs should come get disburement at APCO office and the followimg transpired during and after the meeting:

1.The meeting started at about 1:45pm and attendance was taken and it was discovered that most persons who werent part of the DG of support groups were present and registering as DGs of groups.

2.During the said meetings suggestions was made  for the drafting of a communique and some were of the opinion that we protest to the Governor.It was at this point that Prince Michael Nku  Abuo came into the picture.

3.Prince Michael Nku Abuo the Director General of Cross River State Political Network, CRISPON was present at the said meeting as the DG of a campaign group and was initially identified as a saboteur to our collective process since he was an appointee.

4.Prince Abuo addressed the group and asked for caution as the Governor ensured that all who were suppose to disburse the said funds did so and that it wasnt is fault that those entrusted failed in ensuring everyone was adequately carried along.

5.He further stated that the Governor knows that some legitimate support groups haven’t been demobilized and will intervene and therefore there’s need for peace and harmonization of position for our collective good.

6. After the said brief by Prince the group splitted into two, one led by Innocent Egiga asked that they continue with their planned protest.

7. The group that aligned for peaceful resolution before the Governor met with Prince Abuo and a representative quota of 20 DGs of groups met with the Governor.

8.On meeting with the Governor, we appreciated him for all his efforts in ensuring an industrialized state and our resolve to support his governorship re-election bid as well as the presidential bid of Alj Atiku Abubakar.

9.We made it clear that we understood his efforts to ensure a massive turnout at the presidential rally and appealed for intervention for demobilization of our members via the about 300 support groups (It was later discovered that legitimate group-DG was 200 since some persons wrote) written before we left Calabar Municipality.

10.The Governor in his magnanimity appreciated all support groups and made donation of 3million naira to augment for our demobilization.

11. For security reasons funds could not be disbursed at Calabar Municipality and it was immediately decided that a safe location be chosen and via the phone no of those on the attendance list disbursement should be made.

12. Since, I Dodeye Omini as seen in photo evidence of the munched whatsap group  was the converner of the  said meeting at Calabar Municipality the delegates agreed that Prince Abuo the facilitator takes N200,000 as is share and that I disburse the sum of 2,800,000.

13.Prince Michael Abuo never absconded with any monies but rather handed same under inspection after signing for same to diaburse in accordance to the attendance list I was holding.

14.From the over 200 names written on the list, I discovered that people who wrote their names were writing names of fake groups and others were writing names of their relatives.I made a shortlist and commenced payments.

15.From the list depending on the capacity of the group and shown evidence from photo of presence at the event and attendance of their groups and proven presence at Calabar Municipality some groups.Depending on the capacity of the group some groups were paid N27,000 others N20,000, some N15,000 and N10,000.Snap shots of signed collections and transfers made will be made public as the typed listed of all the beneficiaries is been compiled and all documented for disbursement have been paid.

16.Via our representative platform H.E Sen Prof Ben Ayade has graciously approved and asked us-representatives of support groups to compile names for appointment after the elections.Meanwhile rough data of beneficiaries will be posted too.

17.It was also observed with disdain that some beneficiaries of the said funds are pretending not to have beenfited while due to the poor management of the issue and betrayal within the ranks of the support group information and pictures was leaked to the APC,CRs to discredit the Governor who wasn’t even in chargeof the presidential campaign team in the state and released adequate funding for the overall success of the massively successful PDP presidential rally in Calabar.

18. We want to warn mischief makers and judases to take note that falsehood, assasination of character  is an offence and detractors would be tracked and made to face the law. It is not possible to please everyone and no matter how much is done some persons will still complain after all an additional 2million naira was given to Egiga to sort those not carried in the previous list  and persons are still complaining.

19.We are less than 4days to the general elections and all support groups in Cross River State should be concerned more about ensuring massive turn out of electorates at the polls for our victory at the presidential elections and governorship elections.No amount of money will be enough to compensate for our strides.Heneceforth all cheap talks, complain and threat should be put to an end, defaulters would be exited from.our platforms.Time to work and all will be rewarded at the appropriate time.

20.Therefore, this platform coordinated by me as converner will select “real DGs/Coordinators  of support groups to prepare a document and make submission through the Senior Special Adviser Political  to ensure massive mobilization of the electorate at the polls for oyr beloved Governor and President and indeed the PDP.

Thanks and God bless you!


Comrade Dodeye Omini(Dodex)

Converner of Support Groups,CRS



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