Tribunal ruling : Time for Sen. Owan-Enoh to put C’River first, congratulate Ayade


The much awaited ruling by the Cross River State Governorship Elections Petition Tribunal finally came today, Thursday September 12, 2019 with a reaffirmation of the resounding victory of Gov. Ben Ayade in the March 9 gubernatorial election.

The petition by Sen. John Owan Enoh of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC was dismissed for lacking merit and other sundry issues.

Immediately after the election, the Governor in his peaceful nature extended a hand of fellowship to everyone who felt aggrieved at the outcome of the election including Owan-Enoh.

However, for whatever reason, Sen. Enoh turned down the overture from the Governor and headed to the Tribunal. No doubt, it is well within his constitutional rights to go to court but now that the Tribunal has given its verdict, it’s now time for the Senator to put the interest of the state first.

While seeking redress in court is well within democratic norms, the period spent in court rooms however is a serious distraction to the Governor. Sen. Owan Enoh has fought a good fight and it’s time to put the interest of the state ahead of his personal ambition of becoming a Governor. This is obviously not his time!

At this point where the state seems to be alienated from the federal government with crippling federal allocation and the refusal of the government to pay the state compensation for the loss of the 76 oil wells as ruled by the Supreme Court, all well meaning Cross Riverians should as a matter of patriotism support the efforts of the Governor to decouple the state from over reliance on federal allocation via his massive industrialization drive.

One way to support the Governor’s efforts to build a self reliant state is to allow him focus. The time he will be using to meet his lawyers or think of cases in court, he can use it to continue to think creatively on how best to execute all his enormous plans for the state.

During the campaign, Sen. Enoh promised to build factories in each of the 18 local government areas of the state. This, Gov. Ayade is already doing. This means that the Governor is also working in tandem with some of his developmental ideas.

Cross River State belongs to everybody and politics is a game not war. Election has come and gone, it’s now time for all hands to be on deck to support the Governor to move the state to the next level.

There’s an option of going further with the legal battle but the facts are so glaring that Gov. Ayade won the election legitimately and was voted for overwhelmingly across the state. Let Sen. Owan Enoh accept this reality and join hands with the Governor to work for the state.

This is not the time to listen to sycophants who will push him to continue the legal battle because of their selfish benefits and interests. This is the time for him to show his patriotism by congratulating Ayade while hoping for future opportunities.

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