Why I Think Alex Egbona is Better By Obasesam Okoi


I’ve read in more than five platforms where some persons are telling you not to support Alex Egbona because, in their logic, he is a giver but not intelligent compared to the person they think commands all the “intelligence” to represent you.

What surprises me is that these advocates of intelligence-driven representation have forgotten that Alex Egbona holds a Ph.D. from the University of Calabar which is awarded on the successful completion and defence of a rigorous dissertation of publishable quality that makes an original contribution to a particular body of knowledge. To think that such a man isn’t intelligent because he refuses to flaunt his intellectual prowess only speaks of ignorance.

Chief Obeten Okorn is a highly intelligent man, a rare breed and legal luminary. I can’t even quantify his intelligence. But was he the best lawmaker in Abuja? Absolutely not.

Let me also tell you that Honorable Bassey Ewa is very intelligent if you engage him one-on-one. I have criticized his poor representation but I’ve never criticized his intelligence because he is pretty smart. He was Speaker of the State Assembly, which was an opportunity to outperform most of his colleagues at the National Assembly. But what has his intelligence brought to us? Absolutely nothing.

He also travels frequently to America to enjoy his mansions. Which means he is exposed to western culture. But has he been able to translate his exposure into effective representation? Absolutely not.

So, the excuse that being a legislator in the state assembly is a guarantee of good representation is inaccurate. The fact that one has travelled overseas, taken courses on governance or has read books on governance doesnt also guarantee good representation.

Our people dont need gramarians who took terminal courses on governance to represent them. They need people who lead from the heart. They need leaders who feel their pulse. They need leaders who speak the truth and mean what they say. They dont need leaders who’s only truth is “good morning.”

The Yakurr-Abi constituency has suffered from a decade of bad representation. We don’t want a repeat of the current representation. We need Alex Egbona to represent us because he connects with the grassroots. He understands the suffering of our people. He speaks the language of the common man. He understands how the market woman in Ijiman thinks and what she need to improve her business and boost the local economy. He invests in the people and the people themselves know exactly who has their best interest at heart.

Enough of the so-called “intelligence.” We need leaders who know how to turn their intelligence into good representation not those who live in their brains. Alex Egbona may not be an orator but he has the spirit of a genuine leader. Give him all the support he needs to represent us in Abuja.

Finally, you don’t change the colour of your skin by wearing a sweater. Your true colour will always show regardless of how you mask it. A liar does not change overnight because lying is a habit. Don’t vote liars to represent you.

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