There Is No Crime Been A Bricklayer – Says Unical Graduate, Peculiar


Hardwork and preserverance are the two key aspects to achieving success in any giving endeavours in life.

Like the saying that ‘no pain, no gain’ has truly been exhibited by Miss Margaret Peculiar,a graduate of University of Calabar, Cross River State, who has developed passion for some of the odd activities that are often associated with men.

Unlike many graduates in Nigeria who will wait for the white collar job before moving on with life, Peculiar’s steadfastness and determination to unlock any opportunity that comes her way, has seen her gradually making ends meet by engaging in (bricklayers job).

An excited Peculiar stated that he feel delighted with her present occupation regardless of what people say about her.

“I am still dat gal,who works anytin without minding if pple mock or laf at her..n I dnt see it as suffering bt as God’s handwork..THETRUTH.

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