The Unchangeable Jarigbe; Girlfriend of the Masses (Part Two) By Prince Charles Ekanem.


A man without guiles and with rather simple tastes, Jarigbe has earned for himself the deep affections of his Constituents. When you hear these constituents express concern about his performance, it is not as though they do not realise that the MP must one day retire from Politics. They are only lamenting how much they would miss the amiability of Hon Jarigbe Agom, a rare combination of profound achiever, intellectualism and self-effacement.

Jarigbe a tireless leader who has the opportunity to look back at his episcopacy, count his blessings and offer profound gratitude to the Almighty God who has kept him all through his evidently successful and inspiring career in the National Assembly. His accomplishments are many and awe-inspiring but he self-admittedly owes it all to the all-sufficient God whose grace upon his life has been extravagant.

The MP is simply telling the constituents and indeed the whole world that whatever success he has recorded as a Representative of Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency is due to the guiding hands of his loving God, the one who called him into the holy orders of leading the people 3 years ago. Although this is not the end of his tenure as he seek a return ticket to fulfill his mandate, it is only proper to reflect, however briefly, on the last 3 years of Jarigbe’s National Assembly career during which he has served as an excellent transformer, performer and achiever in delivering legislative assignment, empowerment and projects to the benefit of Ogoja and Yala people.

Right from the first day he assumed office, this project-filled and large-hearted servant of the masses has touched thousands of lives in very extraordinary ways. For the most part he has lived what he promised during the electioneering process. A man of his words, the word ‘impossible’ does not exist in his mind. His achievement are fervent and obviously from the heart, and they often bear great result.

He has feared nor despised no one. Not surprisingly, his slogan for 2019 is “Fear no one, Do it Right and Flourish.” Oftentimes, his constituents are puzzled by Jarigbe’s ability to connect with almost everybody, despite his very busy schedule as a National Assembly Member overseeing more than 22 political wards.

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