The Man Honourable Jarigbe Agom, The Strength For The Weak By Emaluji Michael


Leadership is not easy and not all sweet but those that truly have the interest of the people they are serving, it always seems easy and sweet because the people live for them and they live for the people. Both compliment themselves without stress or grudges.

Honourable Jarigbe Agom is a member representing Ogoja/Yala federal constituency in the lower chamber. He is a true blood of Ogoja land in Cross river state. His zeal to leader as a youth was so high and what amazed me till date is that he was not power drunk or allow the sweetness of the office to blindfold him as he get to the office. He live up to his 85% promises at his first tenure and this is what is speaking for him to remain in the seat. No vacancy.

He is a youth like every other youths but acting with a great mind. He is a busy man as every other politician but always make out time to sit and listen to his people. He is as rich as other leaders but always make his face known every time.

His empowerment program cut across to every local government he covers, be it a kobo he make sure he is not bias. His health outreach reach out to many because he thinks health is wealth and the well being of his people is his joy.

He empowered people with personal cars,,commercial cars, generator, sewing machines, bikes, etc. Being a listening and acting leader, he finds it good to organize a town hall meeting in order to be close to his people.

His health outreach was done effectively. He is not just a man but a great man.

Recently he called for the creation of federal university in Ogoja in his lower house. He stated the reasons why we need the university, which are due to the distant our children go in search of school, the insecurity they face there, it will enhanced the life of Ogoja people and to stop the very long traveling issues for admission. I think if any man is sensible, he should give our Honourable some accolades. He deserved it!
No wonder he is tagged ” The people’s choice and the man most sociable and accessible leader”. He is!!

Having been a student before, he knew what is expected of him to do for his students even when maybe he didn’t get that from anyone in his days! He called for bursary for all students. He make sure he put smile on the faces of students.

He has always been that leader that shows others example. He is like a staircase, who lead others to follow. Once he act on his ideas, others follows. They learn from him secretly!! Hon Jarigbe is that perfect man We need!!..

Comes 2019, there is no vacancy for Ogoja/yala federal constituency. No room for aspirant because if you do so means you don’t appreciate God for his good. All he needs now is our cooperation to keep walking together as one to do more and great things!! Transformation is his mindset!! With him, a new Ogoja/ Yala is sure!!

My undiluted support for him is 100% without reservation!!



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