Stop fueling crisis in UCTH, CMD warns Medical Laboratory Scientists 


The management of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospita (UCTH), has warned the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) to desist from fuelling further crisis in the health institution.

The management described the attitude of members of the association as very irresponsible, which is against the ethics of their profession.

The Chief Medical Director of UCTH, Prof Ikpeme Ikpeme, said “it is unfortunate that the association is peddling falsehood in the media space just to curry favour from the ministry and members of the public”.

“The attention of the management of UCTH has been drawn to the various misinformation and lopsided stories extensively peddled by the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria and circulated by the electronic and in social media.

“It is unfortunate that such blatant fabrications could emanate from the Association.

“Among other deliberate fabrications, it is indeed worrisome that the death of a youngman who collapsed and died on his private property outside the hospital and in the presence of his father could be politicised to seek unmerited attention.

“This is irresponsible unionism at its peak. As a responsible management, it would be an exercise in futility to join issues with already poisoned minds apart from preempting the outcome of the reports expected from the panels of inquiry set up by the managements of UCTH to investigate the matter,” he said.

The CMD, therefore, enjoined the general public, stakeholders and staff to remain calm and disregard the rumours making the rounds about the hospital,  adding that “truth no matter the level of concealment will be exposed at the appropriate time”.

For a couple of weeks now, the association has been engaged in battle of supremacy with medical doctors over who should head the laboratory unit.

While the medical doctors insist that the law establishing teaching hospitals across the country and in line with Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, only their members can be head of departments, AMLSN argue that they are the right people to head the laboratory unit.

The laboratory scientists have also accused the management of UCTH of given undue preference to medical doctors against the laboratory scientists’ students as well as using security operatives to harrass their members.

The panel set up a few weeks ago by the management of UCTH is expected to turn in their report soon.

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  1. The Association of medical laboratory scientists are only looking for public sympathy despite their excesses.Most of them had always wanted to read medicine but were unable.This has led to indoctrination of the public against medical doctors.All over the world,doctors in laboratory medicine,otherwise called pathologists head the laboratory and the laboratory scientists are subject to them.This is so because they have spent another 7 years to specialise in laboratory medicine,after their initial first MBBS degree which is also 7years.A laboratoryscientist reads his undergraduate programme for JUST 5years and claims to know more than the doctor,just because he wants to rub shoulder with doctor in the hospital.In the private setting,ALL laboratory scientists are subject to the pathologists and they know it.If they so much like their course,why do many of them tell their wards to fill medicine in JAMB form.Abeg,enough of this crazy feeling.All over the world,US,Canada,UK,Australia,India,the pathologists direct affairs since they are both clinicians and laboratoatians.I read about their connivance with medical labortotory science students(…abeg,students ooooo) to fight resident doctors in their own hospital!..What a shame! Those students should be rusticated and the lab scientists behind the rubbish should be sacked.The pathologist had always been there BEFORE the lab scientists.Truth be told.Their is irresponsible unionism at its peak!


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