Stemming The Negative Tide In Boki Vis-a-vis The Boki Business Conference 2019


A society that won’t spend billions educating children, will spend trillions fighting adults – Reno Omokri

Looking at this thoughtfully, I see how our land, our nation, Boki is a victim of this situation. Thought not necessarily through negligence to spend billions but however recent events that played out on Boki revealed how much lack of proper education really cost.

While Illiteracy may mean inability to read and write, being education goes beyond the ability to read and write.

Boki stands as one of the most populated Local Government Area in Cross River State, while this is a blessing it could also be a curse to us if we do not wake up and take concise, meditative steps to use our population in a positive way.

For the records, Boki has the highest number of out-of-school youths. Some with SSCE, ND, NCE, HND some are even degree holders! This number is ever increasing, exponentially. This is not a very good situation.

Having come this far, one is tempted to ask, are we doomed? No! Is there a solution? Yes! The only solution is for us to put all hands on deck. To unanimously make efforts to salvage our mother land.

This is no longer a case of the Government, or for Politicians or say, a matter for the elites of our nation, this is a matter for every true child of Boki. A Matter for everyone including me and you to handle! Tempted to ask why? I understand. But you would really understand this when you take into cognisance the people who were affected during the ‘Black Days’ of last year.

Your guess was right!

Everybody! It affected us all.

The Government is ever ready to ‘Spend the trillions fighting adults’ but how about those who may die before the government intervenes? Are their lives worthless? Or can the trillions resurrect them?

We have to take urgent steps to curtail this menace before it gets out of hand.

Many actually pointed fingers to the Palm oil Estate as the cause of the violence that took place in Boki last year and they believed that if the palm Estate issue is resolved peace will be restored. But regrettably, the Palm Estate is just one out of the many reasons responsible for the mayhem, and as such solving ‘just the estate’ problem estate would be a rather myopic approach to stemming the issue at hand.

I remember my early days in Senior Secondary School, when we were taught how to use the fire extinguisher, I can recall vividly the second step which reads “Aim the hose at the base of the fire, not the flames.”

Beyond extinguishing fire, this step proves a verile solution even to the situation at hand as it is essential that we Wage an all out war against Illiteracy, Unemployment and Youth Restiveness, which truly is the problem the Boki Nation is facing currently.

We need to create and support already existing programmes that are designed to offer the youths entrepreneurial education and skill acquisition programmes to help reduce the unemployment rate in Boki, and increase entrepreneurial literacy.

A very good example of such programmes is the BOKI BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2019 coming up on the 5th – 6th of April, 2019. A programme which is designed by the BOKI BLOG TEAM in Collaboration with THE PROMISE BINANG FOUNDATION, a programme designed to offer the youths quality entrepreneurial education and skill acquisition training.

The two-days training is to feature a seminar which serves to set the minds of the attendees right accompanied by a skill acquisition programme, which will offer ‘Marketable’ vocational skills to the attendees to help curtail the problem of unemployment in our Homeland.

Conclusively, the burden of taking Boki out of the muck is a collective responsibility, one for me and you to undertake. So to make this programme a reality it is required that we all come together, let us unitedly as one family support this dream. It is our responsibility to do our best to develop our home. Your home, My Home. Brace up, make up your mind to attend BOKI BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2019.

Register In any computer centre across Boki local government area before registration closes. Don’t forget to spread the news to your colleagues, family and friends.

For inquiries, support, and seat reservation call/Whatsapp 08099087688

P/S: Play your part to develop Boki by supporting the BOKI BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2019.

Awa-Abuon J. Asama
database Manager, Boki Business Conference 2019

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