Set-up By Friend, Raped By Two Men, Jailed For Unknown Sins…The Story Of Temi


If heaven could fall to unravel the truth behind the atrocities being committed by men in the corridor of darkness, perhaps, life would have been a perfect place to live on earth.

A situation when lies become an act of truth in the face of men without a careful verification, what then becomes of the life when men deny certain individual the chance to be heard and so be vindicated?

At 20, she had hoped for the lofty gifts life beholds for her, only to be denied that dream by an act of jealousy from her female folks she trusted and lean on. Her level of transparency on issues that could have been personal, perhaps contributed to the painful experiences fate had for her all in the name of ‘my friends’.

But then, who do we consider as true friends? Are they friends with a sincere and open heart to help when one is in need? Are they friends that laughs with you during the day and bites at night? Are they friends that are obviously envious of your progress in life? Who exactly are true friends?

In its usual character, Voplink Media left its comfort zone and paid a visit to ‘Temi’ (not her real full name) in Isheri Osun, a quiet suburb of Lagos State on Saturday March 2, 2019.

Filled with laughter as she recounted her terrible experience in the hands of a friend whom she trusted, but unknown to her, plotting evil against her, ‘Temi’ found herself in the midst of the shark and the deep blue sea after she accepted the request of her friend, ‘Abibat’ (not her real name), to visit her in her home.

A visit to Abibat’s home, who had told her to bring along two boxers appeared to be the beginning of her torture as she was set-up and left alone with two hefty guys (one happened to be a fake soldier and the other guy, the ex of her friend).

With no strength to challenge them, they gained control of her and in turns they raped her for hours like a helpless slave tied to a stake.

She said; “This is one experience I will never forget in a hurry considering how my friend though a distance friend, called me on phone and told me to come to her house along with two boxers. At first I saw nothing wrong with it because I felt since she was my female friend, maybe we have a beach to attend. I never knew something like this was going to happen. Tears were the last thing I ever thought of as I watched two guys raped me. Before then, when I got to her house I saw the setting of guys, of which one of them was a guy who has been asking me out and I rejected and the other guy was a soldier, whom I later discovered has been dismissed from the force,” Temi began by telling Voplink Media sober voice.

“After some hours I was allowed to go and when I got home I was confused, not knowing who to tell my story to. I had no courage to inform the police because I really don’t want a situation where it would become a stigma. My two friends I later explained everything to took me to one of his army friends, unknown to me they both belong to the same group. We later went to my friend’s house where the two guys that raped me were questioned, only for them to speak in their jargons, which I never understood. Funny enough, I was told that the two guys are their brothers and that if I was part of the Blue angels, the whole things might not have ended this way.

“I left the place so disappointed and in a matter of minutes, my friend that set me up sent me a whatsup message that next time it would be 15 guys that would rape me. Immediately I tried to reach her back, she blocked me from her line. Like a movie, she reported herself to the police, telling them that I sent some boys to rape her. Some days later, some boys invaded my mum’s house and took away my brother. I was also arrested and was paraded alongside two guys who were caught with guns. As if everything was planned, they (the police) tried to force those guys to lie that I am among them, of which they said they don’t even know me. I was also forced to confess that I am part of their robbery gang supplying them with guns, of which I denied. Before I knew what was happening I found myself in the court room (at Ikeja Magistrate’s Court) and remanded in Kirikiri Prison. My case was presented three times in the court room, first in November 22, December 12 and January 19 after the court resumed from their Christmas break.

“My situation could have been worse but for the help of the magistrate judge who later called me and asked if truly I committed such act because she had this feeling that I am innocent. I was shocked and thanked God that I was giving the chance to speak my mind. After everything the Magistrate in our next sitting called for my bail and surety. I was told to pay 250,000 for my bail and I thank God my mum paid for it.

“The whole issue forced my mum to relocate us from Surulere to Isheri Osun where we presently live in order to avoid the shame. Even as it is, I still have a sitting this month (March) in court and the most astonishing thing was that the man who brought the case to court said that he doesn’t want any case again.

“As fate would later have it, the girl who perpetrated the whole issue later confessed that it was out of jealousy that she did everything that happened to me.”

Having a case to attend on March 15, she however, insisted that life has not been the same for her despite their relocation to Isheri Osun.

Temi, who is now willing and eager to further her education, told Voplink Media that life has been unfair to her and that she would never forgive her friend who was envious of her success and the guys that raped her. She also said that life in the prison was an experience she would never forget.

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