Senator Rose Oko’s Character of effective Representation.



Coming from the civil service obscurity to an active political engagement, the Senator representing Northern senatorial district of Cross river state,Hon.Mrs Rose Okoji Oko isn’t just a household name, she has equally found for herself, an enviable place in the state’s body polity.

Never shy to discuss her tottering start, she speaks today with such authority that presents a woman, who has grown from a place of learning to one who now boasts knowledge in her new calling.

From delivering on the rudimentary functions of a lawmaker to paying attention to other life-changing essentials, Rose has built sufficient trust in the people of Cross river North.

This is why apart from being a senator with cognate experience;she is also a political teacher ,mentor ,philanthropist and a life coach .

She has seized the opportunity of her time in the Senate to leverage opportunities for her people, in addition to developing the capacities of her people in a sense that agrees with the notion that the future belongs to the knowledge economy.

This, of course, explains why she has paid attention to critical infrastructure as prerequisite to the capacity development of her people.

As chairperson of the Senate Committee on diaspora matters, Rose has been of great help in terms of lending legislative support to the executive to achieve a complete turnaround in diaspora affairs.

This is evidenced by the overhauling of some of the legislations surrounding the diaspora affairs .

Her contributions represents a radical departure from the norm as it has effectively given the diaspora affairs a voice
in line with international best practices, thereby creating a level playing field for Nigerians at home and in diaspora.

In identifying the issues of data analysis as a major challenge facing the Nigerian diaspora affairs, her committee is currently working on the passage of the diaspora affairs Bill, which seeks to create comprehensive diaspora participation in governance.

These have not however inhibited other legislative engagements. For example, Rose has so far sponsored more than 15 bills, including The bill for an Act to amend the sovereign investment.

The bill for an act to establish the Nigerians in diaspora commission.

Cassava flour(Mandatory inclusion in flour production bill 2016)

The bill for an Act to amend the central Bank of Nigeria Act 2007 to ensure transparency and accountability.

Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency Act Amendment Bill 2016.

The Nigerian Postal Bill 2017 and The Nigerian French Language Village Establishment Bill 2017.

Further to these, she has also sponsored nine motions as well as co-sponsored and contributed many more. Some of them are the recent fuel tanker tragedies on Nigeria’s highways; Nigerians involvement in Illicit global drugs trade and increase in domestic drug abuse by Nigerian youth; motion on the rising incidence of jungle justice among Nigerians; motion on urgent need for the Nigerian police force and other security agencies to intervene in the increased rate of kidnapping in the south- south region and securing the waterways.

Resurgence of Xenophobic Attacks and Extra -Judicial Killings of Nigerians in South Africa.

Motion on Death of Joy Odama.

Communal clash between Wanikade and Wanihem Communities of North Ukelle, Yala LGA, CRS.

RE: Bakassi Indigenes in Diaspora in the Cameroons.

Motion on killing of Nigerian girls at the Mediterranean sea .

Motion on Blended E-learning for all primary and secondary school students

Motion on the izzi Yala communal crisis.

There were others like the motion on the outbreak of meningitis. Urgent need to curb the spread and stop further deaths; motion on inadequate releases in the 2017 budget and the need to expedite releases in order to stimulate the economy; motion on the preventable economic loss and national embarrassment accruing from the failure of the federal government to complete the national library after 11 Years.

Her motion on the need to minimize the possibility of air mishaps and near fatalities in Nigeria; motion on the need to enforce stricter driving regulations against petrol tankers, trailers and other articulated vehicles across Nigeria have combined to show a woman desirous of a promising future for her people.

When these are put together with her unceasing empowerment and capacity building initiatives, Rose easily comes to mind as a quintessential example of what the characters of effective representation should be especially, at the level of the senate.

What more, there is no better time to shed light on the qualities of a woman, who stands tall amongst her peers than this time.

There is no debating the fact that life has been kind to her, which of course, does not mean she hasn’t had her fair share of its many curves. But her ability to stay above the fray and embrace her challenges as rather stepping stone is the reason life might have smiled at her.

Let us collectively support her for effective representation.

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