Senator Liyel Is Never The Enemy Of Yala For The Emergence Of Senator Rose Oko By Eval Asikong


To declare that Senator Liyel is the worst enemy of Yala People because Senator Rose Oko from Yala, who has every right to contest election as a citizen, won the Northern Senatorial seat in Imoke’s time, is a deliberate attempt to ridicule the goodwill and credibility of a man who is, till tomorrow, seen as the last bastion of equity and fairness in Cross River politics.The ploy to, systematically, manipulate the people of the Nothern Cross River against Senator Rose with falsehood, has the potential to discredit the party also. Therefore, those who are into this act should desist, if only atall, they are members of the party who have the party’s interests at heart. Invectiveness and mudslinging just to smear and defame the character of leaders is only peculiar to frontier societies like ours and is beyond the limits of modern practice in politics which is very primitive.

Senator Rose has been rolling out schemes that have dominative focus on human capital development via scholarships and trainings within her zone and the state in General inwhich hundreds of Crossriverians have been benefiting from. These are more enduring, self sustaining and self reliant investments that behove commendations. Anything short of appreciation for these lofty feats represents symptoms of incorrigible ingratitute from the pits of hell. Programmes and interventions should be targeted at making a people self reliant and productive. The issue of “stomach infrastructure” is fast becoming outdated and gradually becoming forgotten in the jungles of unknown history. Infact, the duty of a Senator is not to distribute monies. But if he or does, it is volitional and not obligatory. A National Assembly Member’s performance should not be judged based on how he or she shares monies, but based on how he or she is able to dispense his or her constitutional duties and facilitate programmes/projects to his or her constituency, which Senator Rose is not lagging.

There is a falsehood that is currently being conceived, incubated and over-blown on public domain that Senator Rose Oko has underperformed so, must be replaced. Underperformed? A Senator that facilitated the release of N3 billion into University of Calabar for infrastructure purpose? A senator who has given many of her constituents jobs in hundreds at both state and federal? A senator that has done several empowerments within her zone? Senator Rose is an intellectual giant, very refined and highly connected within and outside the country. The entire record of history, globally, is consistent with the assumption that people with such intellectual standing, exposure and connections have always come out best in such representative responsibilities and Senator Rose’s intellectual proficiency and sterling records in the upper chamber has given credence to this assumption. Infact, whatever yardstick that has been used for this skewed assessment of Senator Rose performance, lacks merit and validity. A player cannever give another player red card in a football game. It is obvious, that it is those who have interest in that seat that are trying to discredit her. They are equal players like her and are in no position to give her red card. Besides, when she was in reps, she was the most adorned for excellent performance, is there any possibility that she will deviate from such pedestal, being given a higher responsibility? No.

If atall, it was Imoke who made It possible for a Yala woman to emerge a senator representing the Northern Senatorial Zone, it will rather be the height of ingratitute for any Yala son or daughter to blame or insult Imoke for that. Rather, he or she should be grateful because, Ogoja people have complained of not testing Senate, yet, a Yala man left there not quite long before Senator Ayade, who only did one term, not quite long and now, another Yala person is there as a Senator. So, is Senate now an exclusive preserve for the Yala nation? It is obvious that Senator Rose has better understanding of the dynamics of politics in her zone that’s why she has been succeeding by playing her card well: interestingly, she has been in constant touch with grass-rooters from her region and majority of them are potential delegates who will do the actual voting during primaries, which is a major step to victory. Elections are not done on Facebook.

Any body who, genuinely, has feelings of discontentment for Senator Oko’s performance in the Senate, should come out politely and engage her on a Public debate which will give the two parties the opportunities for expressions and clarifications.This is how it is being done in advanced democracies where we copied from. Inordinate ambition should not make us to release decoys of distractions for the party and the party leadership in the state. There are huge challenging tasks the party is striving to solve. Therefore, heating up the system the more may be consequential in a very negative way. Let us rather be contributive in consolidating an enduring democracy. Finally, to the disappointment of those who want to see Imoke and Governor Ayade at daggers drawn, these two are closer than ever and are working towards a common cause in 2019.

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