Who Is Running Your Excellency? By Uti Julius


In the land of Peoria-ng, there were Issues of Power and Social Justice.

One day, a voice spoke…“I expect everyone to follow a single file, He said.”

He was not only a Senator but an occupier.

Some respected, so they listened.

On another day, there came another Senator!

The Senator’s excitement took him into circles.

He thought the exercise was good for him.

The name it ‘the game of politics’.

The Senator remembered his little beginning, the first time he started playing this game.

He had watched when the dogcatcher, that was not only a Senator, but also an Occupier, ‘tricked the little dogs by offering them juicy bones’.

When the net came down, the Senator thought it was a mean trick.

After them, then, their son’s. Yes, ‘sons and daughters’.

He promised to take good care of the frisky pet.

That was the bargain. And so the ‘Occupier’.

Now, both toured across the trail and into the trees of the state.

They went up to rivers, seas, ravines, one to another.

The occupier didn’t have to call him back since He has returned to his master.

When the time came, the pastor-minister put on his chest walking boot.

Then tied the ballot to a tree by the water’s edge.

After crossing over, the pastor tied the strong yellow rope to another tree… low and then higher up. And he returned to the same side he had never been.

When the ballot had finished…Everyone saw it was like a walkway.

One line was on the bottom four feet’s, and the other shoulder high to hold onto.

This allowed each of the occupier’s boys to cross the stream without getting wet.

And almost everyone crossed the river safely.

“I did it!” the occupier yelled. He acted bravely even though he was afraid of heights.

The walk continued after everyone crossed the river.

There were more snow on the occupier’s side.

And champing sounds filled the air.

But the spring melt and burst of sunshine meant it might not last.


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