Reveal: Why University of calabar teaching hospital is the worse in Nigeria


His name is Simon Ogon AKA Don Sarika he slumed and was on oxygen from OGOJA to calabar on reaching UTCH he was in Emergency unit and there had no oxygen he was surviving through the one he came with From OGOJA which kept him alive but a Consultant Come and asked he should be taken to the Ward and no provision was made for oxygen in the ward… A patient who is surviving through Oxygen was made to leave Emergency unit and clamped to men surgical ward without what was keeping him alive (oxygen) and on arriving the Ward no oxygen was available Simon stayed about 20 minutes with out oxygen and he has difficulty in breathing so he eventually died… The name of the Consultant is been hidden from us but I assure u I will get the name before 10am tomorrow. My name is Abang Joe Atelhe this my MTN number and my watsap number.

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