Rating the 6th and 7th Senate: A case study of C’River northern senatorial district 


After following the eventful past week in which Jude Ngaji poured out lots of donations to constituents of the cross Northern Senatorial district in the unambiguous bid for a Senate position in the 2019 upcoming elections, I decided to pen down some facts which should remind electorates of seriously pending issues from his predecessor Senator father before our collective judgment is beclouded by the immediate gains from the insincere donations. This is more so to avoid the past mistakes of electing an ineffective Senator to represent us as was the case with his father in the 6th and and 7th Senate.

Recall that at that time, our ‘distinguished’ Senator at the upper chamber never made any contribution to the discussions at the Senate till the end of his tenure in office denying us of his primary obligation to his Constituents. He sponsored no bill,  he moved no motion in the House neither did he even seconded any motion and can we forget the recent damages done to our District under that Senatorial leadership? What then is the hope that his son, Jude Nngaji a product of the same specie of leadership would be better for our interest? Praise-singing him for a few donations which he hopes to recoup from our votes should in fact be a taboo because it is a clear truth that a goat cannot give birth to a lion.

Pay attention to this excerpt from an article inleadership.com:

“Like an old car parked in the garage, nobody cares about propaganda politics anymore. It’s tires are now flat. It’s methods are now known and its inaccuracies are now easily decipherable with the quickest click of your smartphone. This is why throughout 2017, the Nigerian Senate, under the leadership of Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, carefully worked to meet the demands of Nigeria’s ‘New Governance Order’ — an order that is now defined by delivery and actual performance over orchestrated publicity, and effectiveness over obvious hype.

Despite the many attacks, and in spite of the countless distractions that were thrown at the 8th Senate from external forces, the focus of the Senators, their persistence on people-centered legislation, and their collective commitment to always put Nigeria and Nigerians first, allowed the Upper Chamber of Nigeria’s federal legislature to achieve various notable feats in 2017”.

This brings to mind that other vibrant representatives exist in the 8th Senate working to  sponsor bills, move motions and reach out to the members of their constituencies but the same degree of commitment cannot be said of the 6th 7th Senators so before you let a son of such failed lineage of representatives lead us again…think twice

Owan Shedract, write from Lagos Nigeria

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