The “Plain-Hidden” Truths We Must Know About The People’s Governor Ben Ayade Part 1


In truth and sincerity in the history of Cross River State thus far there’s no Governor that has brought governance close to the people as much as Ayade is doing, has done and that he will do.The opposition knows this!Politics,envy, ethnicity and sentiments will not allow them admit this.

Do you know that due to loans of past administrations Cross River State is one of the most indebted states? Do you know Cross River State receives one of the lowest allocations? Do you know that Ayade Government hasn’t collected a single loan?

I am not kin on running comparism between our sons but it is most unfair to adjudge a man who has just started his second term as Governor with those whose tenure of eight years has been served and was financially advantageous.If such judgement is made with clear conscience and puting certain factors together Ayade is doing fantastically well.Below you will know why.

1. Sen Prof Ben Ayade has not borrowed one kobo since his emergence as Governor but this is a Governor who met a state with one the highest indebtedness in the federation.

2.Governor Ayade recieves one of the lowest federal allocations in the federation following years of politics that led to our lossing our oil wells but take note that in the past as an oil producing state-Cross River State had one of the highest allocation.

3.In the midst of the high debt profile he met he hasnt made excuses or point fingers as to why he can’t deliver but he has always maintained a positive outlook, made tremendous projections and noble industrial initiatives.

4 .Governor Ayade understanding that the state needs alternative sources of improved IGR to drive her human and infrastructural development has rather made room for investment packages that is already yielding dividends to the state.His massive industrial projects that is providing jobs and will provide more jobs has been launched and more will be launched to do more.

5.In terms of political inclusion as seen in his first tenure he is ethically, culturally, religiously, ethnically, politcally and gender balanced.He had youths, women, elders and men from different part of the state and even those resident but not from Cross River forming part of his government and inner cabinet.

6.Most multibillion naira projects embarked on by the past administration that has ridden us into debt have proven not to be self sustaining as compared to the industries set up thus far from “nothing”. A viable industry for every local government!

7.Governor Ayade pays salaries on time and is not owing rather pays even ahead of time.Considering the state debt, the almost to nothing federal allocations, the massive projects pursued/completed there is/would been enougj reason to owe but Ayade magically does it cos he knows workers deserves their wages. No wonder his fellow governors and even the public call him pay/alert master!(Take note that there was a time that within the state workers were owed even when it was more favourable and there are states receiving better allocations yet owe months of unpaid salaries).

8.Outside the jobs created by the launched industries thus, Governor Ayade lifted the ban on employment in the state civil service and has employed over 2000 youths into the state civil service.

9. To boost food security and agricultural initiatives in the state several interventionist schemes have been launched to assist farmers across the state and beneficiaries abound.

10.If you know Governor Ayade you will know that he is truly a compassionate leader that is loving, forgiving, a father figure, a social, fun to be with personality and a benevolent being.This trait has endeared him to many within and outside the state.

11. In Ayade’s adminstration here’s no single case of “induced” political witchhunting or manhunt/murders rather there’s an extention of hands for peace and development for the benefit of Cross River State.

12. As we speak all areas earthed for road construction across the states construction will continue after the rainy season.

13. As against the skewed impression by a few Ayade is running one of the most accountable and transparent government in Nigeria.He follows due process, he even partnered ICPC for an anticorruption workshop in Cross River State were  his adherence to due process and transparency  was commended.

Irrespective of the state’s financial challenegs there’s no senatorial district that Ayade’s developmental stride isn’t felt.So when you see people hailing Ayade across the state it is indeed out of genuine love and appreciation and this love transcends beyond his senatorial district because his impact is holistic.

So you see Ayade is beyond the distorted narrative of a sentimental, ethnic biased, politically selfish few or that religious figure that plays politcs of segregation in church inciting an applause for one who did less.It is beyond the sentiment of an “atam man”.

It is now clear why at the church service for the burial rites of the Cross River born former DG of DSS wife people demanded for their own governor to speak rather than his deputy and some faceless folks tried to twist this narrative as usual. The question Cross Riverians should ask is how is Ayade-The People’s Governor achieving/financing these feats thus far?

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