People of Central Senatorial Zone of C’River Appeal to Sen.Rose Oko To Come to their Aid


Last week when Senator Rose Oko attracted the attention of the Federal Government to the border skirmish between Ukelle in Yala of the Northern Senatorial Zone of Cross River State and Izzi in Ebonyi State that has claimed lives and properties, people of the central Senatorial Zone requested that she equally looked into the communal clash between Adadama in Abi, Cross River State and Amego in Ebonyi State, since their own National Assembly Members have gone there to stitch their mouths.

According to Efa Lebo from Abi, Central Senatorial Zone, when reacting to a publication on Facebook about the call on Federal Government by Senator Rose to intervene in the Ukelle/Izzi war, ” Nobody talking about the conflict between Ikwo and Adadama? Write about it and let the world know about the lives that has been lost over the years. Never sideline”.In response to Efa Lebo, Ben Tawo from Boki said, “You have a Senator at the Central and several representatives, you can channel your statement to them.” Kevin Ezor from Abi contributed thus, ” Efa Lebo, you can as well write about it if you have enough information at your disposal. @ Benedict Tah Tawo II, your response is uncivilized. All are our representatives despite we are from different senatorial districts. An injury to one is an injury to all!
All communal crises in the state is as a result of negligence of our governments not taking a proactive measures to end it and our politicians sponsoring the crises.”

They lament that, unlike the Northern Senatorial Zone, the Central has the most irresponsive representation at the National Assembly: while the likes of Senator Rose, Legor and Jarigbe are buisy making headlines on mainstream and social media in terms of hyperactivity in the National Assembly and rolling some inclusive programmes which are most involving for their constituents, their central counterparts appear very timid at the National Assembly with escalating disconnection from their constituents.

Most devastating, is their warped priorities and the pursuit of self interest above the corperate well-being of their constituents. It is unimaginable, how they pay deaf ears to the echo of war between Adadama and Amego which has claimed many lives, yet they are buisy chasing after their individual ambitions of being governor, Senator and even being power forever. Because of role Senator Rose is playing in the country, people of the Central will even prefer a female Senator because female naturally approach the society the way they will manage their homes. Some have even suggested that just like Rose Oko, Dr Betta Edu will make a Better Senator because of her sterling record in the Primary Health Care Development Agency.

Senator Rose Oko, on hearing this request nearly bulged to also make a case for Adadama and Amego war, but on consideration on how her counterparts from the Central may take it, developed cold feat. What has the central done to be revisited with such evil?

It is the same Senator Rose that a sponsored negligible fraction from the Yala enclave have over noised beyond proportion of being inactive and remonstrate for her to be replaced by another Yala person as if Senate is the ezclusive preserve of the Yala people.


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