Open Letter to Hon. Regina Ayongo Cross River State House Of Assembly Member Representing Yala1 State Constituency


Dear Madam,

First and foremost, I don’t want you to see this letter as a political motivation to Pull You Down .

I heard you visited Ugaga alongside the Commissioner of Women Affairs Hon Stella Odey for the the attack on Ugaga kingdom by Fulani herdsmen.

Well, I truly appreciate your quick intervention by touching the ground to gathered first class information.

Please once again, I want to convey my very sincere thanks to you for your kindly and friendly show of love to the victim in the hospital.

Yahweh had earlier said thus to him: “You shall shepherd my people and my people must not be perished under your control.

Your visit to the people of Ugaga people is not the problem but your intention towards the dispute between the herdsmen and the host community for further occurrences is what am thinking off.

The repeated killings and clashes between herdsmen and farmers knew no borders and spread across the various regions in the community.

The herdsmen believed that for their cows to survive, they must look for an alternative to feed their livestock.

The farmers believed that their only source of livelihood is farming and the herdsmen must not trespass.

Ugaga is a community where lush vegetations are spread evenly.

Herdsmen and farmers have had both good and bad times in the past but the bad times obviously outweigh the good.

Before I proceed, I want to let you know that Ugaga people can sustain
without cow meat, they can eat other meat.

Therefore, if the herdsmen decided to cause havoc by destroying the farmer farms and killing people unnecessary, I think something need to be done concerning this inhumane behaviors.

It was rumoured that the herdsmen are carrying AK-47 and moving around people’s farmlands .

Ma’am I want you to note that our people cannot run away from their community, where they are now is their home and farming is their business , just like cattle rearing is the Fulaniman’ s business .

And if our people don’t farm, then they will all starved and die because they have no other business than farming.

If the cows destroy their crops, they cannot guarantee their survival next year and there will be no food for them .

So , I am appealing to you and the State Government to save our people souls by passing Anti- Grazing Bill into law.

Now is the time to show why you are representing the people of Yala1 state Constituency at State Assembly.

If you can sponsored a bill prohibiting hawkers for hawking on the streets, I think you can do better by putting pressure on Cross River State House Of Assembly for Anti- Grazing Bill.

If this bill is passed into law by the state government, it will bring an enduring and sustainable solution to the lingering dispute over land in the state.

Indeed, if the bill, passed into law, it could be the most sensible option and enduring panacea for the lingering clashes between farmers and headsmen.

Invasions of cultivated lands by cattle will be reduced, just as the activities of cattle rustlers in the state will be checked.

God bless you.

I Stand For Advocacy For Good Governance aka See Something, Say Something.

Idagu Yeche Thampson

Write from Abuja, Nigeria

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