An open Letter To Cross River Elites by Adams Oyama


Dear Elites,

I bring you greetings from all over Cross River State. Permit me to observe the unbearable protocols and pour out my unadulterated utterances using Cross River State as a case study.

We have forgotten 2015 and critically looking forward to 2019. The abracadabra that played out in 2019 due to power tussle should not repeat itself. Politics should not be for a certain people but for the general interest of the masses.

1. If you don’t want a certain person to succeed you, that should not warrant your perpetual or forceful imposition of some other person with little or no knowledge about governance and administration just to show your opponents that you can do it.

2. For the fact that a certain man with vast experience, knowledge, capacity and leadership qualities has no money to satisfy your greedy conscience, should not warrant you to impose on us a rich fellow who is extremely oblivion on rudimentary aspect of leadership.

3. As you play your classic and elitism game, remember that the people who are directly affected by your decisions are the grassroot. Your decisions should be masses oriented and should be considerate enough to accommodate the people who you are leading and representing.

4. An open ballot primaries election should be conducted where delegates can vote whoever their choice will be to avoid bringing people with minimal or no support from the people.

5. Don’t collect monies from aspirants or candidates with the intention of cajoling your followers into supporting someone out of their wish.

6. Before choosing anyone for any office, an open and random opinion of the people should be taken to avoid spurious and unprecedented decisions that will hunt us later.

7. As you fight yourself up there, be very careful not to react out of anger or to show supremacy by giving us a man with no directional active blueprint that will elevate the infrastructural system, agricultural system, educational system and the commercial productivity of our dear state (Cross River State?).

8. Please think about us. that’s “The Rest of Us”. Let us make Cross River State great again.

God bless you mightily

Yours profoundly
Adams Oyama.

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