Omotola Delighted With Her Early Innocent Lifestyle


One of Nigeria’s finest Nollywood actress, Omotola Ekeinde says not been reckless with her early life pave a good foundation for her present state of life.

Known to be Nigeria’s queen, the mother of three stated in one of her social media handles that she felt satisfied for her past.

She wrote , “Never did this cause I thought it was narcissistic but today I will . It’s okay. This lady right here … It’ s crazy how you sometimes look back and see things differently , isn ’t it. You sometimes wish someone showed you then clearly , what you now see today .

“Dear lady in this picture , I don’t know how you did it, but thanks . Thanks for laying a good foundation that I enjoy today . Thanks for being so strong , so resilient, so focused . You were young but not reckless , sweet but not available , sometimes confused but never wandered . You had your own battles but fought them with grace and won . Even today , when I feel weak , I look at you and draw strength from you. It’s crazy ! Thank you.”

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