NIPR Visits Hon Jarigbe Agom In National Assembly complex


Hon. Jarigbe Agom received a Delegation of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations( NIPR) , CRS Chapter, who were in Abuja for a Conference in his office today.

The State Chairman, Mrs. Offiong Ani, Thanked God For The Opportunity to meet Hon. Jarigbe. She said she thought it would be rude if the Delegation had ignored Cross River “Ambassadors” in Abuja, after the National Conference.

She acknowledged Hon. Jarigbe’s impact on the polity from inception, through his tenure as Cross River State Sure-P Coordinator

She thanked him for all he has been doing for his Constituents and Cross Riverians. She acknowledged how vocal he has been in the Green Chambers, and encouraged him to do more.

She craved his indulgence to influence more infrastructures for his constituents and the country as a whole, as she lamented the deplorable road they plied on, on their way to Abuja.

Mr. Onah, the Deputy Chairman took the floor to build on all the Chairman had said. In his words, “We hold him in high esteem. Back home, he has done alot. He has carried people along, and we all value him.

We are thankful for the Opposition that came during the elections, it showed the world, who the people really stand with. The Jarigbe in him came out more as a result of the Opposition.”

Mr. Ekpenyong(Double E.) Added “You have been very patient. Even when you were obviously neglected, after toiling for the system. You carried alot of us along when you held sway as Cross River Coordinator for the Goodluck/Sambo Campaign Organization”

The association thanked him for granting them audience, and urged him to do more for his people.

Hon. Jarigbe Agom welcomed and thanked them. He acknowledged that even though all members of the delegation are not from his Constituency, he enjoys such visits, because he is first a cross Riverian, before he is an Ogoja man. He went on to say he has lived in 16 out of the 18 local governments in Cross River State, growing up.

He pointed out that for the issue of roads, he only has the power to influence them to the National Budget, but doesn’t have the power to implement, as that lies with the Executive.

He gave an instance of the Ibil Road in Ogoja, which he influenced into the Budget over two years ago, but is yet to kick off, as the Federal Government,is yet to fund it.

He promised to work in harmony with other Representatives to ensure effective Representation for Cross Riverians.

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