Nigeria’s Real Disease Is Lack Of Quality Leadership, Says Dogara


Speaker of the House of Representative, Mr Yakubu Dogara, believes Nigeria’s inability to groom leadership of great quality and value has affected the fight against corruption.

Dogara made this known on Tuesday at a conference in Abuja with the theme, “The Convergence 2.0: Leadership, Power and Politics for Democracy Renewal’’ organised by the Not-Too-Young-To-Run Movement.

He stated that some Nigeria’s leaders have mastered the art of political witchcraft once they discovered that you are not working for their ‘unholy’ agenda.

“Nigeria’s real disease is lack of leadership; I disagree with all those who say our major national disease is financial corruption, rather, the real disease has been the absence of true leadership.

“This in turn breads moral corruption and wickedness.

“Get a true leader that solves moral corruption and wickedness; when that happens, you will search for financial corruption to no avail.

“Unfortunately, the leadership model we have practiced so far is the kind of leadership that produces sycophants who are expected to serve their political godfathers and not the people.

“Our so-called leaders have mastered the art of political witchcraft so much so that if you are independent minded you are automatically disqualified.

“If for any reason you are picked then you have to surrender your soul for them to eat in small bites until you become their worshipper,’’ Dogara said.

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