Nigerians Must Change Nigeria – Dogara


Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has said “God did not send

angels to rebuild Israel” so “he won’t do if for Nigeria.”

Dogara said this while noting that the onus of rebuilding the country rests on the shoulders of

Speaking at the pre-event prayer session for the National Prayer Breakfast, on Wednesday, the
Speaker said cultural decline has made nation-building a major concern in the world today.

“No nation can be built without God who is the source, foundation, supporter, and sustainer of His people. The times in which we live, millions have watched the efforts of America, Britain and the
United Nations to rebuild Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and other struggling countries.

“While it is shocking to see the devastation and suffering caused by war. It has also been sobering to witness the
difficulties, frustrations and intrigues that have accompanied these human-driven attempts to
intervene and rebuild nations where millions have been abused and exploited.

“Communists, socialists, monarchists, dictators and democracies and even religious leaders have all tried their hand at solving these problems.

“Yet none have found the key for building truly successful nations or salvaging faltering countries.

“All nations today are struggling with their peculiar problems, thus, according to him, “will
God descend from heaven to rebuild this nation?

“Will God send angels to rebuild our nation? God didn’t do it for Israel and He won’t do it for
Nigeria. This responsibility rests on our shoulders and whether we succeed or not depend on the source of our wisdom.

“Without God nothing works. Except we are back in our Eden, we cannot accomplish the task of nation building.

“What gives me hope is that we have so many people who are committed to God. The future
of Nigeria is secured. We have a very bright future, we have great
army of leaders in this country.”

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