Nigerians in Delhi involved in drug-dealing: MoS Hansraj Ahir


Minister of State for Home Affairs Hansraj Ahir has said there are certain sects of immigrants that are involved in

illegal activities, although citizens from all countries are welcome to stay in the country, adding that Nigerians in Delhi were
involved in drug-dealing.

Addressing a gathering in Raipur,  Ahir claimed that Nigerians
living in Delhi were allegedly involved in drug-dealing activities.

“We respect people from all nations and give them due dignity. However, there are
some people, who are getting long-term visas to stay in India, but are involved in illegal activities, such as Nigerians in Delhi, who are involved in drug-dealing,” he said.

Further, commenting on the situation of the Rohingya refugees in Raipur, Hansraj
backed the government’s decision to bar their entry into the country, arguing that the
activities taken up by them were “not in the interest of the nation”.

“In Myanmar, the Rohingyas went against the governance, and hence, were asked to
leave the country. Now, they are trying toenter India. However, we stand by our decision, as we feel the activities they are involved in are not in the interest of our
people. Those who pick up arms and retaliate against their own governance will not find a place in India,” he stated.

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