Nigerians Attack Fashola Over Comment On Elongation Of Works Minister’s tenure


A cross section of Nigerians on Tuesday lampooned the Minister of Powers, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola over the call for elongation of the appointment of the minister of works and other critical directors in the ministry.

Fashola, who spoke in Abuja on Monday while unveiling a compendium of proof of infrastructural delivery across Nigeria, a three-year special report of the ministry, had said that a four-year term is too short to design roads, undertake procurement and eventually building the roads, hence the need for elongation of tenure of the minister and directors in the ministry.

But the call did not go down well with many Nigerians especially social media users who responded harshly to the comment of the minister.

In his response, Ben Igwe simply said: “Where is the light you promised us. You once told us that any serious government can fix the electricity in six months and now you have been there for four years still nothing is happening rather we are degenerating from what we had before you assume office. OGA WHY?”

On his part, Ernest Aigbavbiere said: “A lawyer acting as engineer in the midst of professionals in the engineering industry. Four (4) years of salaries, signing contracts and engineering jobs papers without any knowledge of the job description. Keeping the nation in darkness and insult to the collective common sense.”

Also, Sunday Irabor said: “Fashola has indeed showed that he has no knowledge about the three (3) ministries he superintendents; he should better go home, there are other million Nigerians who can do the job better. No excuse for failure.”

Another commentator, Nnamso Essien said: “But he said 6 months were enough to fix electricity problem? As somebody said somewhere, “you can win elections with propaganda, but you can’t govern with it”.

“Better still, he should tell us he is seeking elongation of perpetual darkness, failed promises and what have you,” says another commentator, Moshé Chidi Edeji.

Also, Ikye Aondohemba Samuel said: “I don’t understand. Did Fasola envisaged that he is going to be sacked by President Buhari for abysmal performance or what? Is ministerial position an elected one or an appointment? If he performed well why is he panicking? Please PMB (President Muhammadu Buhari), any unperformed minister should be send packing including the man who deceived you by promising stable light in six months, just to superintend over reduction in power generation and increase in tariff.”

However, another commentator, Olabode Kehinde disagreed with others, saying the minister’s comment was in order, and that people should respect Fashola on the basis of the fact that he always has meaningful contribution to make.

“Whenever someone like Fashola speaks, I always feel obligated to listen. Yes, I don’t believe in his party or president, and as a strong believer in round pegs for round holes, i might not consider him the best person for the jobs in the ministries of Power, Works and Housing, considering his area of proficiency. I think he always has meaningful contribution to make,” Olabode said.

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