The Nigerian Church Going Underground Says Fred Abua


I am no prophet and so if this ‘prophecy’ falls to the ground, no problem! In fact, I will be exultant!

But sadly, in a few years to come, the church in the north of Nigeria will go underground because it will no more be possible nor wise for Christians to gather in an open place in the name of Jesus Christ – they will be massacred promptly and without repercussions.

Then it will spread to the South. And the prosperity preachers will either cease to preach and find another business or replace their message with something more Christian, faith-building and anticipatory of eternity with Christ.

I want to know who will speak to the authorities for the persecuted church in the north of Nigeria? Christians are being bombed and slaughtered regularly at their worship places and those who dare to preach the gospel in the streets risk being mauled to death by extremist Muslims. In many states, it is a huge risk to carry a Bible and walk boldly through certain streets! In all these, government remains silent.

You see, the silence of government says a lot about the future of our faith in this country! What should we expect when everyone in position is a Muslim – except for a sprinkling of mostly compromised, self-preserving, so-called Christians?!

I feel sorry for those who do not believe that the church in Nigeria is persecuted even when they observe the indifferent posture of the Muslim-dominated federal government. Systematically, the government of Kaduna State and some other states in the north are trying to create legislation that will outlaw the preaching of Christ in those states.

It hurts to see the leaders of the charismatic Pentecostal church, which has gained notorious attention and deluded the vast majority of seekers through their motivational preaching of prosperity and faith-healing, refusing to stand up for Christ in a nation that has so ‘blessed’ them!

These superstar preachers say the orthodox and doctrinal churches are lifeless and the Roman Catholic Church is idolatrous but it seems to me now that this hype is only intended to gain them more popularity because they continually refuse to take their place as the voice of Christianity in Nigeria. Each one of them is for himself. When they dare to raise their voices against government or any form of injustice, they are just grandstanding because once their desired ovation is achieved and they are in the news, they move on, back to their stock in trade – material prosperity!

Every few months, another of these super-rich speakers shamelessly acquires a private jet from the weekly contributions to their enterprises by the deluded thousands who believe these men are gods on earth. Planes are the new craze, they are practicing how to live the wonderful abundant life that heaven will be! And I am jealous, that is why I am writing about it!! 😂

While we enjoy a wonderful service and great preaching, be it known that a section of Christians are thankful that a bomb did not go off during their last worship service. And as they prepare to go to church again, they do not know what might happen!

By and large, we will face the fire of a pagan government like the Hebrews did in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, and it will be the nobodies like the three Hebrew boys – Shedrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego – that will refuse to bow! And they also will not burn!! Hallelujah!!!

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