Ndi-Anambra! Is he the real Ndi-Igbo Man? By Princewill Odidi


I am tempted to believe that the Anambra man maybe the real Igbo man. Over the years they appear to stick together on Ndi Igbo agenda than other Igbo groups. They believed in Zik, they believed in Ojukwu and they stood more with Nnamdi Kanu.

Out of over 2 million registered voters, only 24 percent came out to vote. Some political analyst are asking: is this a sign that IPod no vote was adhered to? Some argue further that the vote for APGA was a vote of Ndi Igbo party and not necessarily a vote for Obiano.

They contend further that if Osita or Obase or Nwoye had been APGA candidate he would have won. While the other Igbo states have swayed to APC and PDP and some flowing with the wind, Ndi Anambra have remained identified with their ethnic party founded by their Son Ojukwu.

The Obi of Onitsha is rumored to have openly snubbed a request to meet Mr President at Akwa. This has got me thinking, is Ndi-Anambra more Igbo conscious than other Igbo tribes?

Their success and brevity in trade and business makes them too independent to be intimidated or controlled by others even in foreign lands where they sojourn they easily settle down and occupy the land. You hear of Igbos of Kaduna and Igbos of lagos, their mere presence in foreign lands makes it a threat to the locals. This has got me thinking, can the secret of Nigerian development be linked to the Igbo man?

Can we comfortably say Ndi-Anambra are the original Ndi/Igbo? Do we simply call them the original Igbo nationalist or why are they simply different?

Yesterday election sent a clear message, the people refused to defect to the popular parties, they refused to yield to money bags, they refused to be persuaded by Osita’s brilliancy and intelligence, they refused to associate with the federal might to join in sharing the national cake, rather they stuck with their ethnic party founded by their own son.

Can we deduce any message here? Ndi Anambra are they the real Ndi Igbo. Can we call these the cradle of indigenous Igbo nationalism? What lessons can other tribes learn from Ndi Igbo?

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