National Unity: Dankwambo’s style of Leadership By A. A. Mshelia


National unity is the foundation of every country. Countries that have made progress and sustainable development were countries that had the understanding of the significance of national unity as foundational to other factors. It has been proven over the years, countries without solidarity has always found it so hard to achieve peace and social harmony.

Every state or nation aspiring to be the pride among other nations around the world must understand that national unity is first and foremost necessity to a peaceful and prosperous country.

The importance of National Unity and Integration in a nation will accomplish a lot: It brings about the development, and it also helps the government to understand the people’s need and choices.

Hence, no one can deny the fact that unity is safety. Disunity results in fall of states and countries around the globe.

On his swearing-in as the Executive Governor of Gombe State seven years ago, Dr Dankwambo knew that: Unity is a Catalyst for Sustainable Democracy in every government. It was very clear of the Dankwambo’s led administration through his style of leadership, that one of the factors toward achieving a sustainable democracy is unity.

In his words:
“Our strength as a nation lies in our diversity, and our growth sustained through our UNITY. Every Nigerian MUST know and believe that we are first Nigerians before and above anything else”.

It is therefore, not out of place if one will say the ground breaking and hallmark achievements of Dr. Dankwambo as the Executive Governor of Gombe State is not far from the fact that he was able to preach accurately the message to all his citizens that national unity and integration is important to every state and nation’s development. It is clear also that he was able to pass same spirit to his team and citizens to understand the importance to respect the constitution and laws of the state and county, and also respect the faith of each other.

Close to a decade now Dr. Dankwambo through his effective leadership style has succeeded at creating a unified and harmonious unity among his people. By his focus on unity there has been a great boost in business agility in the entire state, his actions have magnified leadership impact and aligns behaviour to strategic priorities; a united state with high performing executive team built on unity of purpose, consistency of message and action.

Dankwambo’s focus on the importance of unity was felt all over the nation and has pulled notable response from people of valour.

One of which was from the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Camillus Ejike Mbaka, a most respected priest in Nigeria from the eastern part of Nigeria, could say of Dankwambo:

…go to Gombe, it was a rural state. The present Governor there, Ibrahim Dankwambo has turned that place into almost an
ultra-modern city. And that man was a former Accountant General of the country. If you go to Gombe, you won’t know Gombe again. Why can’t such a person come out. I don’t know the party he is in. And he is still a young man; in his early 50s, whether in PDP or APC I don’t know. But whoever is doing that kind of magic in Gombe can handle Nigeria. A man who did PhD in Accountancy, chartered in marketing, chartered in Accountancy, a lot of things, a guru; we need somebody with such aura. “And the Gombe people will tell you he does not discriminate between Muslims and Christians. He is shielding even Christians there. Some pastors he gave them land, gave land for churches. I am not campaigning for him, but I am talking about somebody who can lead us forward; somebody with vision, with agenda to change Nigeria is not difficult. Wherever such a person is, let his party make him available for Nigerians to see it

It is therefore clear that Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo is a man that is naturally loved and admired by people; a democrat and pivot of mass mobilization; a man who achieves greatness through diligence, self-will and sheer determination, a good listener; a man that remains unruffled even at the height of unwarranted intimidation and provocation.

He is a strong advocate of unity, peace and progress. He believes in mega changes in the social, economic and political sectors and these must be driven by the citizens in Gombe State. It is with this spirit in March 2011 that Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo boldly declared that “there can never be a better time for transformation and change in Gombe state than now”.

He is strongly committed to education, electoral reforms, good governance, initiatives against corrupt practice, socio-economic development, poverty alleviation, peaceful inter-religious coexistence, security of lives and property, freedom of citizens, rule of law and social justice. Dankwambo sees Gombe state and Nigeria as an industrious and entrepreneurial state/nation, robust in growth, rich in culture, vibrant in labor, and attractive in investment.

Dankwambo is a personality that is fully equipped with the pedigree, integrity and capacity to drive the nation through the pathway of phenomenal positive changes to a destination where it is confidently inscribed as the pride of all nations.

Giving the platform and the opportunity to lead, he can translate such virtues to Nigeria at large, and therefore, replication a greater dividend to Nigeria and its citizens.

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