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He maybe unknown to many music lovers in Nigeria, however, Redwan Afunsho aka Rolex Dollar shares his thoughts with VOPLINK’S EHIS AUSTINE on how his style of rap has been compare to YBNL’s Davolee and his determination to breaking even in the Nigeria music industry

Can we get to meet you?

My name is Redwan Afunsho aka Rolex Dollar. I am a Hip-hop, rap and R&B artist from Itirehood.

People say music is more of a born thing and not something you learn. Which one do you belong to?

Basically, I think music is an in-born thing for me. In my family, none of them are into music but I discovered my musical talent when I was in my teen age and they are looking up to me.

For how long have you been in the game of music?

I have been in the game of music since my childhood days. Like you know, people will discover you before you can discover yourself. But officially, I would say I have been in the business for eight years.

Who discovered your musical talent?

It’s my father that discovered my musical talent.

So far, how will you describe the help you have received from your parent?

My parent has been wonderful to me; most especially, my father who has been financing me with funds and showing me some great love. That doesn’t take anything away from my mother considering the fact that she has be supporting me through prayers and fasting.

Which year did you do your fast track?

That was in 2010 and the track was ‘Bosso’. Although it wasn’t a good experience but then, I still thank my God for everything.
One thing about producer, once they discovered that you are a first timer they don’t get to take you seriously.

Who is role model as far music is concern in Nigeria?

All artists are my role model because I don’t think I can pick particular artists that always inspire me. The truth is, I love every artist in Nigeria for as long as they sing the kind of song that inspires me.

Have you been opportune to share stage (s) with any of Nigeria’s big stars in a show?
Well, I would say I have been opportune to share the stage with 9ice and Orisafemi during an event that was organised in Osun State by Nigeria Breweries. I have also shared the stage with Small Doctor, Shanowole and many more that I feel was a great experience for me.

Would you have love to chose education ahead of music?

I believe the two professions are very important and I don’t think I have any preferred choice.

What are your upcoming tracks?

We have three tracks that we are doing right now. They are ‘Kile tu fe’, ‘arranging mi ni'(more like a wedding song) and awe o dan (an traditional in nature). By God’s grace it will out on radio stations very soon but then, we are still on the production process.

Have you tried any record labels in Nigeria that will help to push your musical career?

I have tried some of these musical labels but one thing I want you to understand is that, of God says your time has come, no one can change it.
The truth is, some of these record labels may be willing to help you but those around them often pretend to make you think they want to help you, of which they use that means to exploit you with promises unfulfilled.

So, what’s your connection with Explicit Entertainment Outfit?

Explicit entertainment has giving me a huge moral and platform as far as music is concern. They have sponsored me in terms of organising and financing my musical tracks and shows within Lagos and some part of the Southwest such as Ibadan and Osun State.
In fact words alone can’t express the huge difference the outfit has done in my musical career.

Do you see yourself creating a landmark in Itire?

By God’s grace I believe I will break that barrier because I sincerely want to create a landmark for my hood.

Besides, what’s your relationship with YBLN artist, Davoulin and late Dagrin because you sound just like them?

We may have similar sound pattern but I have something that will distinguish me from them. It is just a matter of time because I here to stay in the Nigerian music industry.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I want to be where God has apportioned me to be in life. But then, I need to work hard and ensure I do the right thing.

Thank you for your time Rolex Dollar?

You are welcome.

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