A Must Read! Four Basic Skills That Are In High Demand


By Kelvin Obambon

*Fashion design

The above are skill sets widely distributed amongst young women in our contemporary society, irrespective of educational background.

The demand for these skills are everly on the rise. For the bakers, an estimated average of 15.8million people in Nigeria need cake for birthdays, weddings and anniversary celebrations within a week. The demand for trending fashion has spiked in the last two decades. This is leveraged by significant reduction in the importation of readymade and fairly used clothings(OK). Fashion designers now have more jobs than they do a decade ago.

The shift from asthetic beauty to that of cosmetic has enveloped the beauty and make-up industry so much that humanity cannot do nowadays without a confident touch from a make-up artist. Beauty spa and makeover have gained prominence among women of all ages, and even among the men too. This has dramatically led to a revolution in the industry so much that it accounts for 21 per cent of the labour force in Nigeria.

The uniqueness in all these skill sets is that they are inter-related. To stage a complete event, say wedding, one must have to engaged fashion designers, make-up artists or beauticians, bakers, decorators etc.

As a way of empowering young women, and also to reduce unemployment and dependency, parents, husbands, government and non-governmental organizations should make efforts to equip women with these skills. It is often stated that a society whose women are not incorporated into the economic structure is a backward society. The efforts toward national development cannot be complete until and unless the women are reposition to contribute their quota.

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