We Must Give Our Girls Proper Sex Education To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy – Okwori Mary Amicable Tells Parent


A young female activist, Okwori Mary Amicable has appealed to parents to properly educate their girls on sex education in order to prevent teenage pregnancy.

Mary, who was unhappy with the massive increase of teenage pregnancy in Cross River State, reiterated the need for parents to enlighten their girls on the need to guard against unwanted sex that could put them into early motherhood.

She insisted that government alone can’t solve the present issue, a situation which prompted them to visit schools within the state to educate them on sex education.

She said: “We can’t leave everything for the politicians in our societies to do. We too as youths have a role to play and have our contribution to make in order to make our society a better one.

“We are in a society where teenage pregnancy is on rampage. Our girls can’t even differentiate between menstruation period and ovulation period. They don’t know when to have sex and when not to. And also don’t even care about hygiene during menstruation which has led to serious destruction of body system and causing various genital infections. We are in the society when some ladies thinks going around have sex will end their poverty or change their situations but rather it causing more. Young girls of 15 or 18 carrying babies and looking pale yet breast feeding. In all this, have you as youth help in any way to be polite in addressing this issue? As a model, woman, Father, guardian or teachers how far have gone in listening and enlightening your children or the ladies?

“Sex is not food and never a means to end poverty, don’t do it because others are doing it you might be a victim, early pregnancy an kill your dreams, aspirations or future and so you have to desist from it. Your future matters and there is enjoyment in future, it must not be now.

“Year in, year out we visit home and looking around we finds this issue worrisome and it increasing and Okwori Mary Amicable Lydia Okache Godwin Onah Comr Thomas Odey Magu decided to show concern for the ladies. And we came to conclusion that we have to catch them young. And in catching them young, it should be from secondary schools. And after the enlightenment we should be able to share with them in the little we have, which is the distribution of sanitary pads!!

“So far, we were able to cover three secondary schools today, Government secondary school, Okpoma, Glado college of Art and science, Okpoma and Feddy Memorial college, Okpoma. All in Yala Local Government Area, Cross river state.

“Thanks to Miss Nfcs national Martha Ebiale and Victor Linus for assisting us in lending their voices to this young ladies. We appreciate.

“So far, so good if you are interested in helping us and wish your female child should not end up in early pregnancy or infection due to not maintaining hygiene during pregnancy, you can help us financially to buy more pads or the physical pads because many schools are still here and we hope to continue tomorrow and throughout this week. Reach any of us please.

“No one is too poor not to give! We can if we dares it. They are our future leaders!! Thank you.

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