Modlin Odu’s Shocking Revelation About Dr. Sandy Onor


When a man is cut out for greatness, nature automatically aligns with his strife from infantile translucence to full blown brightness. While the people of Central Senatorial District impatiently await the day of victory, the indeciduous masses, sickened with the delilaic and Judaic betrayals of many in times past should hold the following abreast.

Sandy Onor fears God.

Sandy Onor is a typical and proper Nsofang son, from the blessed land of Etung LGA and no where else by birth and originality.

Sandy Onor as a University Student of History graduated as the best graduating student with a resounding 2:1 in 1987 and was retained to work as graduate assistant by the University. On account of his brilliant academic performance, just one year into his Master’s Programme, he was advanced to a PhD programme which he rounded up at the youthful age of 27.

Sandy Onor established himself as a lecturer, he wrote books and several articles to contribute to scholarship and greatly made impact. Today, he has Students all over the World contributing to human advancement and advising that, this man is a rare gift to humanity and he is luckily from Cross River Central.

As a politician, Sandy Onor influenced many policies in the Nigerian-Cross River State Local Government System when he served as Etung LGA chairman in 1999 which other states still benefit from till date. He became the Deputy National President of Association of Local Governments of Nigeria and later The Acting National chairman. It was in the course of performing this national assignment that he met great minds as Nyesom Wike, Present Governor of Rivers State who was also the chairman of a local government in river state.
Sandy Onor was Cross River State coordinator of Obasanjo/Atiku Presidential Campaign in 2003. In 2005, he was a member, Political Reform Conference representing Cross River State.

In 2007, Sandy Onor became the Director General of Donald Duke’s Presidential Campaigns. Same year, he served as Chairman, Security Committee for PDP Campaigns.

Sandy Onor, a political gladiator of righteousness and intellectuality became the popular “D.G Fantastic” in Cross River State PDP Campaign Organisation in 2014.

Between 2010-2013, Sandy Onor, a consistent crusader against venal politics and its faithfuls, serendipitously became Commissioner for Agriculture and later, Commissioner for Environment. He served as the chairman local government service commission

Recall dear brothers and sisters that your brother, Sandy Onor left the PDP after he was obviously wounded, wronged and robbed by grex venalium of Machiavellian Lords in Politics at that time after his service to the people under the PDP umbrella but, he returned to help rebuild the party both at the National and State level to what it is today. This he did in his characteristic nature of selfless service to ensure the best for the masses, by his excellent participation as Secretary, PDP National Convention that has placed the party in an enviable height, purged of all impunity, corruption and unfairness. Strong enough to defeat the ruling party, with very sound ideology, focus and strategy.

Sandy Ojang Onor, applaudable astute Academia was recently upgraded to the status of Associate Professor, Department of History and International Relations, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Calabar.

The humble politician, great lecturer, award winning philanthropist, tested and trusted organizer and a celebrated intellectual desires the people’s mandate to bring another dimension of service, another approach to leadership by serving as Senator representing Cross River Central in the National Assembly of Nigeria. Do not deprive him of it, do not deprive yourself of a voice, do not deprive your children of Legacies and Opportunities.

Original Caterpillar, Sandy Ojang Onor is the real man for the job.

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