Mike Ile Slams Remi Adeoye With A N100 Million Defamation Suit 



About a week or so ago, one Aderemi Olufemi Adeoye who claims to be a Nigerian police officer working with the United Nations Mission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, broke the internet with a story, when he posted a series of Facebook posts, accusing one Mike Ile, a Facebook celebrity and social media analyst of defrauding two women of over 11 million naira; he also accused him of sexual perversion and rape. Thousands of persons came hard on Mike Ile, forcing him to deactivate his Facebook account on advise from his legal team.

We can now report authoritatively that Mike has instructed his lawyers to file a N100 million defamation suit against the said policeman who goes by the Facebook name of Remi Adeoye II. The defamation suit was filed on Wednesday 25th October, 2017. Our correspondent was able to get copies of the court documents. The matter was filed at the Federal Capital Territory High Court, Maitama, Abuja and no date has been given for hearing yet.

After several attempts, our correspondent was able to get Mike on phone; but he refused to comment on the matter and asked us to speak to his lawyers instead. It seems Mike is under strict instructions not to speak to the press.

We got through to his lawyer, First Baba Isa, Principal Partner of FBI LEGAL; he confirmed that they represent Mike Ile and that on his instructions a defamation suit has been filed at the FCT High Court. He went further to say, “Well, we don’t want to comment on the substance of the matter now since we are already in court. It is however pertinent to point out that apart from filing this defamation suit, we will also explore every other legal channel to redeem the battered image of our client and make sure justice is done in this matter.”

Barrister Isa also said that “The fact is, what happened to Mike is nothing short of jungle justice. It is even worse than jungle justice. Because most times, in the case of jungle justice, the victim is seen or caught committing the crime or offence, then he is pursued, caught and lynched. But in this case, someone just came up with a story and claims he has evidence; nobody asked for the evidence, nobody saw any shred of evidence of fraud but they descended on Mike with unprecedented fury. Na so them dey do am?” he finished in pidgin English.

“Well, here we are, we are in court. We shall test the limits of the law on this issue. At the end we shall find out whether it is right for a police officer or anyone for that matter, with or without evidence to post such a thing online about someone, we will find out whether accusing and shaming someone on Facebook of committing fraud is part of investigation, we shall find out many things and I hope, in the end, we will all be wiser.”

When asked if a date has been fixed for hearing, he said “Not yet. But we will get a date soon. Our client’s family is distraught. We are in court because we believe only the court can help redeem Mike’s image in this matter. So we will be waiting for Remi Adeoye in court to come and tell us which law permitted him to declare publicly that a man has committed fraud when that man has not even been invited by the police, has not been investigated, tried and convicted for fraud.”

Asked if his client could be guilty of the allegations made against him, Barrister Isa rounded off by saying, “Mike is feeling very strong and optimistic. Have lies not been told on Facebook against people before? Have we not seen half truths peddled around as whole truths? People get lynched on social media without any form of justice. My client will have his say where it matters most; a court of law”.

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