Our Men Deserves Praise Not Knock, Says Agatha


Appreciating the worth of men goes beyond just painting their physical and endowed nature that God has created in them. Men like other women are the backbone of every quality family foundation that brings about joy and peace.

Though mocked and backlashed for some certain reasons, men still possess that courage to endure without giving up on their dreams and aspiration.

To this end, Agatha painstakingly eulogised the good quality of men in the face of earthly difficulties.

In her words, she said,” Dear MEN….

Sometimes I wonder where u draw your strength from.

You stay for months without buying new clothes for yourselves all because u want to put food on the table, something ladies can’t never do.

You stay hungry just for ur families to eat and survived.

You get dressed and leave the house without direction, yet u still come back home with money after toiling day and night…

Some of u have been embarrassed, disgraced and abused because u can’t afford to get a decent job mostly by we ladies and when u bring home peanut’s, they throw it right back at your face..

Some of u have deprived yourselves of basic education just so u children can eat…

Most times u have been insulted, abuse by people u are older than n even more intelligent than, but u take the insults all because of ur wife n kids..

Your parents look up to ur for survival and they don’t even care if u have a job or not, u just have to provide for your family..

You pay huge prizes just to married the woman you love and you end up taking good care of her family, take care of her siblings and even train some of them..

How u do all these things amazes me and I pray may The good Lord bless your hustle and may your expectations in life come to fulfillment. Amen.

Stay alive for your parents, wife, children’s, your love ones n even your side chicks in general.

If u have a man, brother, uncle, boyfriend, sugar daddy, husband that tries, take one day and appreciate him, he might be starving just for u to survived…

Dear MEN, thou are BLESSED

To my dear daddy u are BLESSED forever
N to my Darling boyfriend thank u for all ur support, I for tag u ooo but ur type are hard to come by make them no collect u from me.

And to my Darling future husband worry not because I will be ur support system till eternity

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