The Many Innovations Of Ayade Creative Ingenuity, A Case Study Of The Ayadecare Home Health By The DG Dr.Genevieve Barnaby Ephraim


As the society keep evolving so man has continue to search for solutions for the numerous problems he is faced with.

Research has shown that negligence is the bane of man’s predicament,and on till he understand that he has a duty to apply absolute care in his day to day activities,his health will continue to fail him.
There are fundamental shifts happening in home life,how people interact,how their time is compressed,and the overall impact of technology on our relationships with each other.
We went into bedrooms to study snoring and its impact on family life. We went to the kitchen to better understand meals preparation and distribution, and into bathrooms to better understand people’s ceremonies around toileting and hygiene. We observed the living room and the convergence devices that cause people to have the myriad of health crisis they have.
The Ayadecare Home Health Service among other things took into cognisance the fact that social forces have started pushing healthcare into the home,hospitals are now accountable for patient outcome with reimbursement tied to patient’s health,professionals have a new incentive to care about their patients’ behavior outside the walls of the hospitals,patients on the other hand are taking ownership of their health,they are taking on health plans,giving them financial incentives to seek timely,proactive care as some seniors want to age in peace.
So the home care health service is becoming the most powerful force pushing people into checks giving the fact that home health care services are at your door steps.
It’s also important to note that digital immigrants and natives have developed an incredible expectation for convenience,the internet has made entertainment and information available on demand,and has radically changed our expectations to the point that we want instant goods and services where we are,preferably our homes,Ayadecare believes healthcare should be no difference.
In the early 2000s,before the advent of GSM,we had various devices that weren’t interconnected to take pictures,to talk on phone,to track our calendars,or to do any level of computing,but today,we are at the same stage with the internet of things at home.there are myriad solutions: health apps,smart product like scales or blood pressure cuffs,fitness and sleep monitoring devices,etc,but there are essentially passive devices that don’t talk to each other or integrate to form an ecosystem.
The home is already morphing,the university of Texas at Arlington just announced a “smart care” apartment that use smart technology to reduce the risk of independent aging.
We are seeing a major shift in healthcare brought on by cultural and socioeconomic forces,the population is aging,chronic conditions that requires management during patient’s daily lives are on the rise,and accountable care is outing pressure on the healthcare systems to measure and quantify results.
Alongside this issues we are seeing widespread connectivity emerge across all economic classes,we are also seeing a transformation of the non-machine relationship,we are starting to wear computers,and soon,we will be implanting them into our bodies to connect with our communication systems, cars,and homes.As artificial intelligence improves, it will help us interact with increasingly smart environments. In healthcare, highly evolved sensors and powerful algorithms will give us proactive personalized care.
By 2035,the majority of our treatments will occur at home. Our homes will be watching us and helping us track our health.
It all starts now,
Healthcare must shift it’s focus towards the patient. Successful medical care will put the patient’s needs first and foremost.Just as Uber Taxis has demonstrated with putting the passenger first ,ignoring the patient will be fatal for health solutions.
In our next episode, we shall be highlighting the many successes this program has recorded across the state and the need for the people of the state to take advantage of the Home Care Health Services in managing their health situations.

Dr.Genevieve Barnaby Ephraim
is a Chiropractic Doctor,
with also a PhD in Public Health
Texas A & M University.

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