Lagos State: High Rate Of Killings In Domestic Violence


The increasing rate of domestic violence in Nigeria; Lagos especially is alarming considering the fact that many couples have lost their lives in the process.

Men and women of high and low integrity have decided to enagege in this ‘unholy’ act that is gradually sweeping across other states of Nigeria like a wild fire with little or no sign of remorse.

Domestic violence is common throughout all levels of society, whether rich or poor. It is often easier to keep the violence hidden when a person has money and important friends, but it happens nonetheless. There is no evidence to support the idea that uneducated or poor people are more likely to abuse their wives or partners than are more educated and affluent people.

Domestic violence happens in all kinds of families and relationships. Persons of any class, culture, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, age, and sex can be victims or perpetrators of domestic violence.

Marriage which suppose to be a sacred and joyful togetherness ordain by God between a husband and wife, appear to become a pain to many this days.

However, the rate of killings involving a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend should be a thing of worry in a society where ordinary both partners would seek for divorce without committing such dastardly act.

Recently the media has been awashed with stories of a female lawyer who stabbed her husband to death in their apartment in Lekki. Another one was reported on Thursday (May 31st) about a woman, who happens to stabbed her husband to death for self defence in Ikorodu.

Again, a man was reported in Oshodi, to have killed her wife, chopped off the body parts and dumped it in a bucket to be disposed in a nearby dump site before he was caught by some vigilante at night.

Besides, could it have been that some married couples don’t tend to study their characters before getting married? Or could it have been that some element of forces are behind their action?

It is hard to imagine how a man or woman would find pleasure in stabbing their partners without giving it a second thought.

Perhaps, no matter the arguements or misunderstanding that may have ensue between a husband and wife, there is always a room for correction, forgiveness or mutual understanding that won’t lead to killing each other.

What is the world gradually becoming?

The Lagos State must intensify move to curb what is gradually becoming a rising case of death in domestic violence in the state in a bid to create an atmosphere of peace and togetherness.

Besides, it is not enough for the commission of Police in Lagos to inform the publics that they should report cases of domestic violence but they (Police) should also be active directly considering the fact that not many people would want to report such cases due to fear of been questioned and even arrested for something he /she knew nothing about.

In the same vein, serious action need to be taking into consideration so as to create that fear for anyone intending to commit such act.

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