What You Should Know About Mrs. Blessing Egbara


1. Mrs Blessing Egbara is passionate about alleviating the sufferings of the down-troden.

2. She is a utilitarian par-excellence, promoting the greatest happiness of the greatest number.

3. She empathises with the plight of the despondent, destitute & the sick. Her Obubra medical out-reach in 2015 testifies to this.

4. She is a mother with a large heart, always ready to accommodate the excesses of all that hurt her. She is a mother to all.

5. She is unassuming, gentle, humble, mild but firm, principled, disciplined & courageous. Her ‘yes’ is ‘yes’ & her ‘no’ is ‘no’ at whatever time & circumstance.

6. She is a go-getter indeed, always striving to follow her dreams to the end.

7. She is well equipped, trained & tutored in the art of leadership having served as CEO & member of both NGOs & presidential committees in Nigeria.

8. She is an intellectual as well academic enthusiast. She trains orphans & down-trodden in schools.

9. She is an entrepreneur of contemporary repute with several business outfits to her credit.

10. She is a mixer, relating with the high & mighty and connecting with the lowly & grassroots admirably. Blessing, is a woman of God, an evangelist and crusader of genuine Christianity.

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