‘Joseph Odok Doesn’t Know Dr Linda Ayade By Maurice Essien


Though I was initially shocked to hear from Joseph Odok that Her Excellency, Dr. Linda Ayade, a dutiful wife and faithful supporter of her husband, only comes to Cross River State in December during the carnival, I now realize that the likes of him would prefer a draconian woman for a governor’s wife. It is annoying and hard for them to comprehend a governor’s wife who does not provide them content for their malicious social media rants since she is contented with working in the background while focusing on caring for her family, doing unsung charity, spearheading many good causes for humanity, and, above all, spending time in prayer for her husband to succeed in the very enormous task of leading Cross River State to the destination of our dreams.

They would have been happier to see her everyday on social media or in various offices interloping in affairs that do not concern her so as to provide them fodder for their hungry souls. Clearly, their only relevance is found in their continuous mention of dignitaries – I think it makes them feel like dignitaries too! Otherwise, they have not affected anyone positively even in the smallest measure. They have not shared a meal with a neighbour, and have neither helped a sick man purchase his routine drugs nor a widow solve her daily bread problems. They only criticize the people they envy and wish that the tables could just magically turn in their favour!

How I wish our people were not so gullible and that most people will boycott such mad men’s posts rather than dignify them with responses! How I wish their true intentions could become obvious to those who court their attention and like their bad tempered, grammatically poor, hate speeches! How I wish their admirers could get a sneak peek into their own lives to see that they can neither manage a family of three nor a small teaching job without getting involved in criminal behaviour until they are booted out of the place! How I wish!

The Governor’s wife is the founder of two NGOS. The first one, a development organization focusing on health, sustainable development, education, justice and rights, is the Mediatrix Development Foundation, MDF. Over the last four years, MDF has reached over 10,000 less privileged people across various zones of the state with various health services ranging from net distribution, consultations, drugs, dental services, eye care, laboratory tests, to different surgeries. Major international bodies like the UNFPA, UNICAF, United Purpose and UNHCR have variously partnered MDF.
Her other NGO is a political organization strictly for women called Cross River Women Emancipation Initiative, CROWEI. Through this organization she is helping women gain recognition in the political scene while providing empowerment for some.

I am perplexed that people who pride themselves at having information are not aware of Dr. Linda Ayade’s remarkable work with women and children all over Cross River State. Perhaps, if these critics could take an hour’s leave from Facebook down to where the people are, they would learn the truth and be marvelled!

In the last four years, the Governor’s wife has rejected almost a hundred awards just to stay out of unnecessary public focus. These are the same awards and recognitions that some who have achieved far less try to pay to get! However, she has accepted a few that were unavoidable because of the work she is doing in those areas and the further impact her acceptance will make on the society – Ambassador for the Environment, Maternal & Child Health Ambassador, Malaria Elimination Champion, Hepatitis Ambassador, Peace Ambassador of the Catholic Women Organization, etc, etc.

By and large, CRS will get out of the doldrums of poverty.
We will shake off this onslaught of distractions.
It is our daily prayer and we will achieve.

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