Izzi /Ukelle Land Crisis: Peace And Not Bloodbath Will Make A Difference – Dr Betta Edu


Being in the frontline of violence or war ravaged areas gives a very sad tale to chew and some level of emotional instability that may at first strike one with surprise.

Knowing the damage (s) such event could impacted in ones lives makes it difficult to ever imagine or prayed for a reoccurrence again.

Human lives and properties worth millions of naira are often left to serious shambles with little or nothing to pick from aftermath of such event.

This is the ‘sorry’ State of two neighbouring communities who have for long lived in one accord before this unexpected violence that struck, painting a bitter tale of experience in the minds of both the young and old men, women and children in both communities.

The crisis in Izzi community in Ebonyi State and Ukelles in Cross River State of recent may have awaking the need for serious security readjustment in order to prevent such barbaric and inhuman act from occurring again.

Overtime, land tussle has always been a major talkingpoint amongst communities irrespective of the fact that they are from one family or ethnic background.

Why are we seeing ourselves as enemies? Why must we allow land issues sting out blood from our body?

According to Director General of Cross River Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Betta Edu, she craved for peace and togetherness amongst the people of Izza Community in Ebonyi State and Ukelles community in Cross River State.

“You dont know pain until you have tried to cry and your voice can’t even come out, just tears and you wish for death!

“How do you console a woman whose house has been burnt down with her children in it?

“How do you console a woman whose child and husband were killed during the communal clash?

“Was I supposed to say all will be well? Can all really be well again? There are some things that happen to you as a mother and it’s honestly better for you to just die at the spot than live with the unending unbearable pain!

“I have been to southern Ukelle twice, they are peace loving people and have always welcomed me with smiles and jubilation. Yesterday the villages were deserted… I went through them like I was in ghost towns. Of course the men warned me not to go there, but I had lost appetite for caution, my soul was broken and I can only imagine the pain they are going through.

“Why have we as Nigerians lost our love for a communal life. When did we stop being our brothers keeper, why have we become vampires seeking blood? why do we strive to take people’s land by force? why won’t we give peace A chance!

“I saw women, children, men in their thousands who need help! Some are still in the bush, unsure of what tomorrow holds…. why really have we kept peace at the back burner *tears*

“I Am glad the Acting Governor Prof Ivara Esu who represented our Boss Sen Ben Ayade was on ground to bring lasting peace to the area. The meeting between the two states with the Deputy Governor from Ebonyi state Hon. Kelechi Igwe coming with his people to sourthen Ukelle to sign the peace treaty was very successful. Also DG national border commission was there and has promised to extend the peace to all the border problems between Cross River State and other states.

“Thankfully our digital Governor Sen Ben Ayade provided relieve materials for the displaced people of Ukelle south, as well as medical outreach and tight security To protect lives and properties.

We need peace on all fronts for development to continue.”

Land or no land, let us respect lives of human beings because it is something we can’t create. Let’s embrace peace and shun violence that may do us more harm than good for the sake of our children’s future.

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