Interview: Youths Must Embrace IT To Tackle Unemployment, Says Franka


Little may be known about this young result-oriented, enterprising, goal-getter, industrious lady, whose aim has always been to transform the level of the nation’s Information Technology (IT) through her vast and endowed knowledge and promoting the interest of Nigeria globally. Miss Franka bares her mind in this interview with Voplink Media, on her scholarship program to study abroad, setbacks, the Gov Ayade’s digital ideology, and mission to impact positively through IT.

Can we get to meet you?

My name is Franka. I am a woman of many dreams in life; a woman that Nigerians can look up to create a difference. I am a BSC holder and I graduated for Cross River State University of Technology in Accounting. Hopefully, I want to do my Masters in something that has to do with information technology (IT) because the world is going to that stage where everything will be digital.

How will you describe the mood when you first got a sponsor?

To be frank with you I didn’t really plan it considering the fact that what I hope for was to get scholarship because anywhere I see a 5% or 10% scholarship I apply. Although I have the 5% but I don’t have the other ones to cover up. Most of the admission that I have, I already have 5% upfront from the college but that’s not enough. I don’t actually want to leave the shores of Nigeria because I love my country, I don’t really have an option right now.

In terms of going digital, do you think Nigeria has gotten to that level of withstanding other countries in going digital?

If you look at country like Ghana, they are doing very well with their tech companies and all but if you look at Nigeria, we have not really gone far with our tech advancement. We are still relying in our age wares, network failures even in banks. Although I didn’t major in something like IT, that is why I don’t want to push further in order to make my country a better place in terms of IT.

Coming down to today’s governance in Cross River State, do you think governor Ben Ayade has done enough to revive the once revered tourist centres in Nigeria?

For once I must confess that the governor Ayade is one of my role models because he’s intellectually sound. And you know that different administration comes up with their own set-up. I think Ayade has done very well to put Calabar or Cross River State to the global map. Most especially the way he revived the Calabar Carnival and made it international and made a lot of tourist coming to the state. Then what we bragged about was the Ranch but today, we can talk about the Garment Factory and Rice Plantation, owing to the fact that we have a digital governor and that’s why I want to go digital as well.

Does it mean you are a die-hard fan of Gov Ayade?

Not really. May be I will prefer a role model.

If you are in Ayade’s shoes what would you do to make the State great?

These days you can say one thing and get away with them. So I wouldn’t be in his very big shoes to advice the governor. Well, I think he’s actually on the right track because he has a lot of ideas and he should make sure he monitors his projects.

You have applied for some of the biggest Universities in Europe. Have you gotten any offer for admission yet?

I have offers in all of the five colleges that I applied for. Since I have already concluded on what I want, I just want to dwell more on technology. Most of the admissions I have right now, is either in International business and law, Information Technology, Business and Management. I am also thinking towards the oil and gas area even though that’s streamline. I also deviated a little into actual science. So they offer me admission in all the courses I applied for even though they are not in my line of study.

So are you planning to run the five courses at the same time?

Of course that’s impossible. Even the so called ‘genius’ can’t survive it. Besides, I also have an eye for food technology because of the interest and passion I have for it.

How do you hope to reflect all what you have studied in order to develop your community?

Basically, it all depend on how it encompasses my career goal. I will love to impact greatly in my communities and one to be part of the pioneers that will help in transforming my communities.

What’s your long term plan?

I will want to set up an IT companies that will help to enhance the growth and development of my people in Cross River State and Nigeria generally. I said to myself that I want to make a difference and don’t want to be like the normal average person; knowing fully that I am talented. The best thing I can do is to give back my talents to the society.

Any regrets at all looking at your success story?

Of course i am a human being but being able to go through this moment makes you strong. I stayed back home one year before my service due to the Nigerian system and the strike. I am a little behind schedule of all my plans even though I know I am not God. Funny enough, everything I have ever worked for has come out good for me. But there are times I do have setbacks or delay; however, I know I have problems of being patient. So in most cases you don’t have to feel dejected for not achieving certain results.

What difference will you like to make in the Nigerian settings of today?

Personally I will like to create a difference with the youths of Nigeria. The truth is most of our youths are after the certificate and not interested in whatever they want to learn. All though they complain they complain that there is no opportunity in Nigeria in terms of job creation, however, that’s not enough to complain. We shouldn’t wait for someone to get everything done for us. I have to channel my energy on the mentality of the youths because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

At the last election, who did you cast your vote for?

I casted my vote for governor Ayade and I also voted for Rose Oko at the Senatorial level. I really don’t know much about her but I will like to meet her.

Thank you very much for your time?

You are welcome.

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