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Known for his Bonsue Fuji music that rocked the airwaves in the late 80s and early 90s in Nigeria, Adewale Ayuba, popularly regarded as ‘Mr. Johnson’ bares his mind in this interview with Voplink’s Augustine Akhilomen. The Ijo Fuji crooner harps on the need for the Federal Government to fight piracy in the country. The Ikenne Remo-born Fuji maestro also expresses his desires to support any of his children that chooses music as a profession. He also says Lagosians should expect big bang at the 2018 One Lagos Fiesta. Excerpts…

What really stands you tall among some of your colleagues that you started with?

I will say my Father in Heaven because He’s the one that gives the talent that I am using today. But the most important thing is that I don’t allow anyone to take me away from my culture. I will never say I want to be like an American or a British.

What is your message to up and coming artistes?

I will always advise the up and coming artistes to believe in themselves no matter the obstacle that comes their way. Music is all about commitment and perseverance, because sometimes you might be lucky to hit the music industry with just one single that Nigerians will love.

Will you agree with Mr. P’s (P-Square family) that without Fuji there will be no music in Nigeria?

I absolutely agree with Mr. P, considering the fact that Fuji music plays an important part in the social perspective of our lives in Nigeria even before the advent of rap music. However, I just want our government to hear what Mr. P just said, because music generally is a big business that can also act as a source of revenue to the government if well managed.

But don’t you think piracy has made it impossible for artistes to reap from their labour?

You are right. Basically, you can’t do anything without a good platform. And as you know, piracy has made some of us lose lots of money after production of our albums. Normally, I release my album every year, but now I release my album once in four years all because of piracy in the country.

Even the one you released you hardly make kobo out from it. It’s really bad my brother. And this is one area we want the Federal Government to come in so that the fruits of our labour won’t just go into the drain like that.

What do you expect your fans to expect from you at the One Lagos Fiesta on December 24?

As usual, they should expect nothing but the best from me. Bonsue Reloaded is my latest album and I am going to give them from the beginning to the end. I just pray for God’s strength.

If you have your way, will you ever advise your son to follow in your musical footsteps in taking Fuji as a profession?

By the grace of God, if any one of my sons or daughters tells me he/she wants to become a Fuji artiste, so be it. Mine is to encourage and motivate them.

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