IMSU Lady Cut Off A Guy’s Manhood


A female student of Imo State University (IMSU) was alleged to have cut off the manhood of a young man after sex making.

The incident which took many residence by surprise on Thursday, was said to have transpired when the man refused to pay their agreed fee before love making.

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According to an eyewitness, who recounted the whole scene, he said: “The lady called the victim late in the evening of Thursday that she wants him around her, the guy asked her to come, she requested the guy to come and pick her up in her hostel at IMSU with his car. The guy went and picked her and after they have done all and had sex around 4am this morning the girl took knife to cut off his manhood, but the manhood did not fall out complete.

FB IMG 1530269979199 - IMSU Lady Cut Off A Guy's Manhood

” These prompted the guy to raise an alarm, that attracted the attention of his brothers, who immediately held on to the lady before rushing him to the hospital, where his manhood was sawn and other medical logistics gulped N300k.

“The lady accepted to pay the bill and took them to Fidelity bank to withdraw the money only to stood stagnated.

Meanwhile, the afformentioned lady narrated that the man was the brain behind the incident because he refused to pay her N6k after their love making.

She said that her action wasn’t intentional but transfer of angression. The girl when asked if she is a student of imsu, she accepted that she is in final year, but refused to tell her name and department in the said university.


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