Immortalise the Star That Led The Three Wise Men By Wani Enang


In d wake of the forth republic, the destiny of a state was about to be rewritten by a group of young men who had identified them self in Lagos as people from the same state.

Navigating these path to taking charge the instrument was a herculean task they could not prosecute alone.

In summary, in 1998, Donald Duke lost the PDP primaries to KANU Agabi SAN.
That result was announced at the Equity quest House now Ke Château hotel, Liyel was Donalds agent, who at dt point could not even bear the grunts and excruciating pain of defeat.

To them, it was over and out, the obvious end of the road. Donald was visibly seen crying after spending so much of borrowed money.

Then came the cerebral political wizardry of Chief John Oyom Okpa, who was undoubtedly the highest connected and biggest political gladiator in this state.

John headed to Abuja, and three days later, precisely on the 25th of December 1998, he upturned the result in favour of Donald who then had begged Chief John to deputies him with a pledge to handover to him (John).

This was the begining of the political lineage that would later produce Sen. Liyel Imoke and Sen. (Prof) Ben Ayade as Governors.

John died along the line, and subsequent governments, from the one he served has not found it necessary and expedient to immortalize the first deputy governor of the fourth republic by naming a major street or lecture theatre in any of all the state own institutions
or even a block in the state Secretariat after John Okpa. This is unfair.

John’s widow and kids hv been so recklessly abandoned, his brothers and immediate community have not been shown love and commensurate compensation, if not for anything else, but that he took the structures of this state and gave to Donald, who in turn handed over to Liyel who has again handed over to Ayade.

Let it be on record that if Kanu Agabi had been Governor, non of these three would hv been governors. Let Gov Ayade know that he is a direct beneficiary of John Okpa’s legacy.

As an Obubra son, I humbly admonish this government to as a matter of moral indebtedness do the following;

1. Conspicuously immortalize Chief John Oyom Okpa.

2. Look for John’s widow and kids and at least do one thing for them.

3. Pay a sincere attention to developing Obubra LGA.

If there really were three wise men, then John Okpa was that star that led the to this destination they’ve all reached.

It is therefore eminently important to immortalize John.

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