I Don’t Love You Any More By Michael Nku Abuo



(Dedicated to love gone sour)

Broken pieces, end of the world
Heart beats gone, blood level levelled
Our forest of roses have lost it smell
Our orchard its fruits, our ocean it water
Our earth it sunlight and springs extinguished

No more calls, no more texts
Calls but no response, texts but no replies, no more check ups
While you comment on the social media
And your online presence prompt
Yet you act like am non existent

Promises unfulfilled, seconds have grown into days
Days have grown into months
Months into years, yet I dont know where we stand
What has happened to your lovely words
Your late night calls, habitual texts and cooked meals

The massage, kisses and time outs
What has happened to I love you
What happened to words like I cant live without you
Our vows and wonderful memories shared

All we have is gone like a lost erection
Lies and deceit hunts, sleepless nights and fears
What is love without love
What is love with all it regalia of buts and maybe

I have seen and heard of tales
And now I have glorious calls
I have a confession my love!My love for you has waned
No more feelings for another your place is taking
My heart is alive again though it fears
My pulse is gaining momentum

What we dont know is that love anew is sweet
There’s no true love story without it sad side
What makes love strong is the travails and storms it stand
The success of love is tied to choice
It is never too late to love neither is too late to let go if it aint mutual after your best

In the end I can’t be dead to love
In my living I will cherish every moment spent
But hold on to the brightness tomorrow brings
Even though I know you have moved on and you are happy
I tried, I did my best but am sorry to say this
I dont love you anymore

Prince Michael Nku Abuo, JP

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