HRM Ogamode Onah Ipuole harps on the powers of consultation


The Paramount Ruler of Yala Local Government Area, His Royal Majesty

(HRM), Ogamode Onah Ipuole, has described consultation as a veritable
instrument that helps to promote understanding and foster peace and
unity among the people in a particular society.

HRM Ipuole who stated this when members of the Northern Cross River
Solidarity Movement (NCRSM), paid him a courtesy visit at his palace
in Okpoma, Yala, said that it is a good thought and action that young people from across the five LGAs of the northern senatorial district
are seeking for things that will further build unity, love and understanding among our people.

He strongly advised that the group must embark on wider consultation beyond the palaces of the Paramount Rulers to include other segments and groups in the five LGAs of northern Cross River to sensitize the
people on what the movement stands for and seeks to achieve.

HRM Ogamode Ipuole, who thanked the group for visiting him to deliver
their message of equity, justice and fair play, said that it was right thing to come and inform him of their intention, but that he cannot do anything without consulting with his traditional rulers council, the
royal father therefore requested that the group should give him time
to consult with his council and then come back to receive the decision
of the people.

The royal father who said that for coming to his palace
and touching their feet in the soil of his palace, the group is already blessed, equally requested for constant prayers from the group
and other people to enable him succeed in all aspects in discharging
the traditional leadership responsibilities placed on his shoulders by
his people and to continue to lead them with wisdom and the fear of

HRM Ogamode Ipuole, who was given award by the USA and was selected
among imminent persons from across the world in 2016 to participate in
the Korea Unification and peace talk in South Korea, commended members
of NCRSM for employing their youthful energy in seeking things that
would bring equity, justice and fair play in the north.

In his short speech, the Convener of the group, Odama Groovydee
Abednigo Ogar, said that the essence of their visit was to inform the paramount Ruler of the mission of the movement which is to ensure that there is equity, Justice and fair play in the distribution of
political offices at all levels among the five LGAs of the senatorial district.

Odama went further to explained that the group now  is particularly more
concerned that senatorial seat should be rotated among the five LGAs and that for 2019, the seat should naturally move to Ogoja Local Government Area which though, the mother LGA of the north is yet to occupy that position.

In his introductory comment, a member of the NCRSM entourage, Mr.
Ogbor Charles Ogbor    told the royal father that the group main concern is that there should be equity, justice and fair play in the
distribution of political offices in the northern senatorial district and that justice should be done to Ogoja which has not tested the senate position to do so in 2019.

Also in a brief comment, the Special Assistant on Agriculture, Achilles Akuku Ugbani, thanked the royal father for giving the group
opportunity to visit him and restated the mission of the group whose membership cut across the five Local Government Areas of the northern senatorial district, while seeking for blessings from the paramount ruler to ensure the success of the movement which is not out to antagonize any person, rather is seeking to correct political injustice, especially the need for Ogoja LGA to get the senatorial
slot in 2019.


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