Hon Jarigbe Agom Calls For Urgent Need To Improve Police Welfare


Member of Parliament Representing Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency in the House of Representative, Honourable Jarigbe Agom has charged the lower chambers on the need to improve the welfare of the Nigerian police.

Agom stated this during a plenary session in the chamber, where he moved a motion condemning the deduction of 50% in the salary of government workers, most especially the Nigeria police force.

He complained bitterly that the Nigerian Police are “demeaned, neglected and rejected because they have no union to enable them cry with one voice to agitate for a better condition of work.”

In his address he said: “For so many years now, no officer could say with all certainty how much he earns every month as salary because their salaries are paid in piecemeal with massive deductions, which is as much as 50% of the actual salary.”

“For over three months now, some police officers have not received their salaries and that the only official explanation given by the police authorities was that the fault was from operators of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS).

“The condition of service is deplorable, unattractive and non-conducive to productive enterprise, as on several occasions, policemen lose their lives to vicious and daring criminals who descend on innocent citizens across the country.”

He said if urgent steps were not taken to stop the indiscriminate and illegal deductions of police salaries, corruption in the Nigeria Police Force could not be completely eradicated.

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